Kofi vs Orton Rematch Confirmed for WWE Clash of Champions

WWE has now confirmed that Kofi Kingston will defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton at WWE Clash of Champions 2019 in a rematch from SummerSlam.

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton WWE Championship WWE Clash of Champions 2019
Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton WWE Championship WWE Clash of Champions 2019

Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton have been feuding over the WWE Championship title from last month. Kofi started the tussle when he handpicked Orton as his opponent for SummerSlam 2019. As they looked to carry on with a decade-old story at SummerSlam, Orton spilled out of the ring and had his eyes on Kingston’s family. It was enough for Kofi to lose cool. As he assaulted Orton, both of them were counted out and their match ended in a double DQ.

After SummerSlam, Randy Orton has joined the forces with Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival, who themselves are feuding with New Day over the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. This has led to the blue brand champions being laid out on a number of occasions by the new trio of Orton and Revival.

After Kofi Kingston replied to their attack and laid out the trio last week, Randy Orton has tried to get under Kofi’s skin once again using his family. This week at SmackDown, Orton revealed a fan mail which asked him not to hurt Kofi. It actually turned out to be a letter from Kofi’s son. Kofi charged Orton but once again Orton had the better of the exchange.

Orton also faced Big E later on the show last night. And once again, with a helping hand from Revival, he managed to defeat Big E and followed with a post-match beatdown.

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