Kofi Kingston Brawls at Kevin Owens Show before MITB Match

Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owens got engaged in a brawl at Kevin Owens Show at Smackdown this week before their Money in the Bank Showdown on Sunday.

Kofi Kingston SmackDown 14 May 2019

Kevin Owens became the honorary member of the New Day as Big E got injured. But his stay in the stable was shortlived as he blindsided Kofi and attacked him while they were fending off the attack from Rusev and Nakamura. Ever since Owens has attacked Xavier Woods and Kofi multiple times while also cutting promos against him.

Before their face off for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank this Sunday, Owens invited Kofi Kingston to the Kevin Owens show. He did a backstage promo before the segment and laid onto Kofi. He doubted whether Kofi can stand on his own and was claiming to win the championship on Sunday when Kofi entered the ring.

Kofi cut the counter promo from the Kevin Owens’ show setup and wondered why Owens is not hosting him there. They went back and forth for sometime verbally with Owens appearing at titantron. After some provocation, Owens came out at the entrance and headed towards the ring but then turned around. He again teased going into the ring before turning again. He did this for a few times until Kofi chased him.

As they started brawling, Sami Zyan attacked Kofi from behind which also prompted Xavier Woods to come out. Owens and Zyan sent Woods to the ring post and Kofi through the steel steps. Kofi made a comeback by dodging a cannonball. After sending KO packing, he hits Trouble in Paradise on Sami to end the show standing tall.

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