Colin Jost and Michael Che joins Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Colin Jost Michael Che
Colin Jost and Michael Che

SNL hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che’s controversy with Braun Strowman has taken another turn as they are now part of the sixth annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Strowman’s insistence.

After the holding Colin by his neck and wrecking the car they sent as the gift, Strowman was unapologetic regarding his action when asked about it last week. Alexa Bliss, the host of WrestleMania, intervened into the matter to get the story straight which lead to a Moment of Bliss segment this week at RAW including Braun Strowman and Colin and Michael joining via Video call. But instead of brokering peace between them, the segment might have increased the animosity between them.

While Strowman was adamant that Colin insulted him, Colin further infuriated Strowman by asking him to get therapy and wanting his money back along with an autograph from his favorite wrestler, Brock Lesnar. Braun said he wants to make this right physically and when Colin would enter the battle royal at WrestleMania if he won’t enter the match he will just hunt him down backstage. Michael accepted the offer for him and said there is a chance something bad happens in the battle royal, but backstage something bad will happen surely. Colin also dragged Michael into it and Alexa made it official.

This year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal now has three entrants announced with Strowman announcing himself last week.

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