List Of John Cena “I QUIT” Matches in WWE

John Cena I Quit Matches

John Cena is one of the best superstars in WWE History. During his run, he has been part of several different matches in WWE such as ladder matches, Hell in a Cell matches, First Blood matches, I Quit matches and others.

An interesting fact about Cena is that he never lost an “I Quit” match in his WWE career. The main reason behind this is clearly that Cena is always presented as a Superman-type character who never quits. Below is the list of all “I Quit” matches and superstars that John Cena has defeated in WWE.

1. John Cena vs JBL (WWE Championship) – Judgement Day 2005

john cena vs jbl i quit match judgmentday 2005

This match was the first I Quit match of Cena’s career. We can easily say that this was one of his bloodiest matches in WWE. The match has a huge hand in enhancing Cena’s career since fans are very impressed by Cena’s performance. This was also the match that more or less started Cena’s Superman-style character as he refused to say “I Quit” despite suffering torture.

2. John Cena vs Randy Orton – Breaking Point 2009

john cena vs randy orton i quit match breaking point 2009

This match is one of the best matches of John Cena’s WWE career. In 2009, John Cena vs Randy Orton rivalry was the rivalry of the year and the matches were high in demand. Both superstars gave their hundred percent but in the end, John Cena forced Orton to say “I Quit” and won the WWE title back.

3. John Cena vs Batista – Over the Limit 2010

john cena vs batista i quit match over the limit 2010

John Cena and Batista had another one of their long rivalries in 2010 starting before WrestleMania and stretching until June. During the rivalry, Batista failed to defeat Cena in every attempt. In the last match of their rivalry, the pair faced off in an “I Quit” match. After losing this match, Batista not only quit the match but also quit WWE in his first stint.

4. John Cena vs The Miz – Over the Limit 2011

John cena vs the miz i quit match

This match was a very different “I Quit” match for John Cena due to the involvement of Alex Riley. Cena was supposed to defend the WWE title against The Miz. However, as the match started, Alex Riley joined the Miz in torturing Cena. Cena once again overcame the odds and dispatched Riley before forcing The Miz to say “I Quit.”

5. John Cena vs Rusev – Payback 2015

john cena vs rusev payback

John Cena and Rusev were in a very physical rivalry around WrestleMania. After losing to Rusev at Fastlane, Cena won the US title from him at WrestleMania. Cena then defended the title at Payback in his fifth “I Quit” match of his career. Cena won the match after Rusev’s wife could not see Rusev under STF anymore and said “I Quit” on his behalf.

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