Jinder Mahal Talks WWE Return, Drew McIntyre Ahead of Superstar Spectacle

Jinder Mahal has not been seen with any significant work in WWE for one and a half year now after back to back surgeries on his knee.

The first time he was operated on his knee was back in June 2019 to deal with a ‘ruptured patella tendon.’ He returned to action after WrestleMania 36 and had a couple of victories on WWE RAW. However, the knee issue struck back and Mahal had to undergo another surgery which forced him out of action until now.

Now, Mahal is set to return at WWE Superstar Spectacle event which is to be aired on 26 January 2021. Former WWE Champion joined WWE Now India for an exclusive interview ahead of the event and declared that he is now fully fit, in shape, and ready to return for good. (You can check the video above).

“I am very very excited[for Superstar Spectacle]. And actually, this is hashtag #TheReturnOfMaharaja. I’ve been away for almost one and half years. I am very excited, in shape and getting fit to bring something special to Superstars Spectacle. The preparations for the return are going on good. Exercise, diet, in-ring work, knee is feeling good.”

Mahal also discussed some of the new Indian wrestlers coming out of WWE Developmental and said he has been in touch with them and he is glad that these upcoming stars are gonna be in the ring with some of the top WWE stars.

“It is a special event for India with Republic day when it gonna air. Not only myself, all of our WWE Talent is gonna be represented. Not only represented among ourselves, but amongs the top WWE superstars. So, very special event.
I am very excited to see, I have heard we have a special highflyer from India(Guru Raaj). I am very excited to see the two giants that we have. They always remind me of a young Great Khali in a way.”

The Modern-Day Maharaja also hoped that these Indians stars could go on and inspire a new generation of athletes to come to WWE Tryouts and even wished for WWE Performance Center to open in India.

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Upon his return after WrestleMania 36, Jinder Mahal was reportedly set for a big push on WWE RAW. Paul Heyman had big plans for him at the time, including a feud with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. But, then a second surgery was required on his knee, which resulted in another spell on the sidelines for him. Now, as Mahal is returning to action, Mahal wants to go after Drew McIntyre and the WWE title.

“Absolutely, Drew McIntyre is a good friend of mine. He is just like a brother. But let’s not forget that he has WWE Championship with him. Friendship aside, championships are championships, legacy is a legacy. He is a two-time WWE champion and I would also like to become A two-time WWE champion, 3, 4, 5 times WWE champion. What happens in the ring happens in the ring.”

Jinder Mahal will return to WWE at Superstar Spectacle event. You can check this link for the spoilers from Superstar Spectacle event which saw Jinder Mahal in the main event.

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