The Hardy Boyz joins SD Live events tour

Matt Hardy has tweeted that the Hardy Boyz will return to full-time tours with SmackDown starting tonight while also hinting that this might be their last tour together.

Debuting in 1994 with WWE, Hardy has been performing with various wrestling promotion for 25 years now and the body is likely taking the toll of the workload. Matt Hardy had to take a break from WWE after July last year due to some issues with his back. He only returned 4 weeks back reuniting in the tag team with his brother. Matt has not announced nay plans for retirement but the speculations are making rounds that he will atleast recede to making sporadic appearances after WrestleMania.

They are joining the live events tour with SmackDown with their first show in Peoria, Illinois tonight. The Hardy are currently primed to face the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania this year.

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