GCW Welcome to Heartbreak Results & Live Updates- Matt Cardona, X-Pac

Welcome to the live results and updates blog from GCW Welcome to Heartbreak event on February 25, 2022, from Los Angeles, CA.

The event is the first event of the LA Shot combo weekend and will feature The Major Players – Matt Cardona & Brian Myers- taking on Joey Janela and WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac. This story emerges from The Wrld on GCW event where X-Pac saved Janela from a post-match attack from Cardona and Myers.

GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray will defend the title against ACH(Jordan Myles from WWE). The Briscoes will return to take on Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau. Homicide, Mike Bailey, Blake Christian, Dr. Wagner Jr., Tony Deepen and Kevin Blackwood are announced for different singles matches. A six-way scramble will also take place featuring Matthew Justice, Gringo Loco, Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Jack Cartwheel and one more competitor.

Join us as we bring you complete action from GCW Welcome to Heartbreak 2022 event with results, live updates, winners and highlights.

Check can watch the live streaming link on Fite TV in the embedded poster above or use this link to buy the event for $13.99.

GCW Welcome to Heartbreak Results

  • The Briscoes(Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) defeated Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau in a tag team match via pinfall.(play by play)
  • Blake Christian defeated Nick Wayne in a singles match via pinfall.(play by play)
  • Tony Deppen defeated Kevin Blackwood in a singles match via pinfall.(play by play)
  • Mike Bailey defeated Ninja Mack in a singles match via pinfall.(play by play)
  • AJ Gray(c) defeated ACH via pinfall to retain GCW Extreme Title.(play by play)
  • Dr Wagner Jr. defeated Homicide in a singles match via pinfall.(play-by-play)
  • Second Gear & Friends(Gringo Loco, Allie Katch, Mathew Justice & Dark Sheik) defeated Team Reefer(Jordan Oliver, Jack Cartwheel, Grim Reefer & Jimmy Llyod) in a tag team match via pinfall. (play by play)
  • Joey Janela & X-Pac defeated The Major Players(Brian Myers & Matt Cardona) in a tag team match via pinfall.(play by play)

GCW Welcome to Heartbreak Live Updates

The Briscoes(Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) vs Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau

Jacob rushes Mark to start the match and hits him with uppercuts. Mark comes back with chops. Fatu hits back with an open hand slap. Jay tags in and hits a hurricanrana. He hits a suicide dive before a chair is brought in. Finau drops Jay on the chair with a Samoan drop. Double team against Mark before both Fatu and Finau hits him with splash.

Mark and Fatu are fighting in the ring. Finau and Jay are on the floor. The Briscoes double team on Fatu with corner splash and dropkicks. Mark hits a senton in Finau after jumping off a chair. Jay hits uppercuts on Fatu on the other side. A door is brought in by Mark. Fatu counters to send Jay through the door with a backdrop. He hits a pop-up Samoan drop on Mark. Finau hits a Senton on Mark and gets a near fall.

Finau throws Mark on the chairs. Fatu hits Jay with a suicide dive. Mark sends Finau into the ring post, sets him up on a chair and dives on him. Fatur hits Mark with a suicide dive. Jay is thrown into the chairs. Starboy Charlie is at the stage. Fatu and Finau goe to him. Charlie hits them with crutches and then dives on them. The Briscoes bring the opponents back to the ring.

Mark throws a chair at Finau. Fatu hits superkicks against the chairs. Jay cuts off his suicide dive with a chair shot. The Briscoes slam Finau with door and chairs. They hits an elbow drop on Finau to put him through a door and get the pin.

Winner – The Briscoes

After the match, The Briscoes challenge GCW Tag Champions for a match at the Collective.

Nick Wayne vs Blake Christian

We were having technical difficulties during this match.

Wayne kicks out after a springboard 450 from Christian. They trade strikes on the apron. Wayne tries to cutter but Christian hits a piledriver on the apron. Wayne is down on the floor. Blake brings in a door and sets it up in the middle. Wayne fights off the top and pushes Blake to the floor. Wayne hits ace crusher on the door but Blake kicks out.

Blake stops another ace crusher. Wayne hits an enziguiri before some back-and-forth action. Blake hits a butterfly suplex to get the pin.

Winner – Blake Christian

Kevin Blackwood vs Tony Deppen

Waistlocks to start the match. They turn to some grappling. Deepen takes down with a snapmare and hits a kick to the back. Deepen transitions over some rest holds before they turn to show off their athleticism. A lot of action to track. Blackwood with a flurry of punches. He counters Deepen and hits a backdrop suplex for a two-count. Deepen dives through the ropes to send Blackwood’s hand into the ropes. Deepen hits a DDT and then grabs on the chin lock.

Deepen in control and hits some chest slaps in the corner. He climbs to the top but nobody is home for the stomp. Blackwood hits back with a double stomp. Blackwood with a flurry of strikes and a trio of German suplexes. He takes a break and hits 4 more German suplexes to get another two-count. Deepen hits a knee strike before Blackwood hits a death valley bomb for another two-count.

Blackwood goes to the top. Deepen brings him down and has Blackwood in the Fireman’s carry. Blackwood counters and hits a suplex. They trade slaps before Deepen hits a brainbuster. More back and forth action. Blackwood hits a penalty kick and a gotch-style piledriver, but Deepen kicks out. Deepen reaches the ropes after Blackwood puts on a leg lock. Deepen goes for the chicken wing lock but Blackwood stops his attempt. Deepen goes for the cattle mutilation but transitions into a choke. Blackwood taps out.

Winner – Tony Deepen

Ninja Mack vs Mike Bailey

A show of respect between the two before they start. Bailey goes for a flurry of strikes but Mack defends them. The same thing repeats with Mack attacking and Bailey defending. Bailey hits a front kick. Mack clotheslines Bailey and both land on the floor. They hit kicks to each other to drop on the floor. Bailey hits punch before Mack comes back with an atomic drop and a big forearm.

Mack sets up a door in between chairs. Bailey tosses him over and stomps on his back. He takes Mack back to the ring. Bailey puts on the single-leg crab. Mack gets to the bottom rope. Bailey hits a sidekick to the chest. They start trading kicks to the chest. Bailey hits multiple kicks in succession. Mack counters with a kick to the face. Bailey hits more kicks. Both men miss standing moonsaults. Bailey hits his moonsault.

Mack takes Bailey off his feet with a kick to the legs. Bailey is sent to the floor and Mack misses a dive. Bailey hits a suicide dive and a moonsault on the floor. Mack knocks him off the apron with a handspring kick. He hits a handspring dive on the floor. Mack sets up a ladder and climbs to slab on the top. Bailey is looking at him in shock. Mack asks Bailey to come up. Bailey follows him to the top.

Bailey and Mack fight on top of a slab that is just 2 and a half feet wide. Mack hits at Bailey’s knee. Bailey does the Karate kid pose and hits a kick to drop Mack to the floor and through the door that Mack set up earlier. Bailey climbs down the ladder.

Crew checks on Mack. Bailey shoves them aside and takes Mack to the ring. Bailey poses in the ring and Mack shows him the middle finger. Bailey hits a roundhouse kick to the face but Mack kicks out. Bailey hits another thrust kick before Mack kicks him back. Mack hits a moonsault but Bailey gets his knees up. Bailey hits Muay Thai kick before dropping Mack with what I believe was the Flamingo Driver to get the pin

Winner- Mike Bailey

AJ Gray(c) vs ACH – GCW Extreme Title Match

They start by trying to grab each others’ leg before transitioning to the rest holds. Gray hits a shoulder block. ACH sends Gray to the floor with a dropkick. AJ hits a kick to the chest and catapults ACH into the ring post. They trade chops, and then trade some punches.

They are still fighting on the floor. ACH hits a snap suplex on the floor. They are back in the ring now. Gray puts on a side headlock. ACH tries to pick him up but Gray hits him with an overhead kick. ACH counters in the corner. They switch waist locks. ACH sweeps the leg and hits a bridging German suplex for a two-count. Gray hits back elbows and then hits a chokeslam. He follows with a powerbomb quickly to get a near fall.

Gray goes for a wheelhouse but nobody is home. ACH hits big chops. He nails some elbows and then a Gamengiri. ACH hits a frog splash to get a two-count. More trading of strikes. More trading of strikes. ACH sends Gray to the floor and hits a suicide dive. They trade thrust kicks. ACH hits a brainbuster. Gray hits a burning lariat to turn ACH inside out. He hits Emerald Flowsion and gets the win.

Winner – AJ Gray

AJ takes the mic after the match and brings up how he can challenge for any title as he won the Grab the Brass ring ladder match at the Wrld on GCW. He will face GCW World Champion Jon Moxley at Joey Janela Spring Break.

Homicide vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

Some taunting to start the match. Wagner pushes Homicide to the corner and shows him the middle finger. Some shenanigans to get the crowd going as they try to get the louder cheer. Both men start taking each other down in quick succession. Wagner puts on a side headlock and drops Homicide with a shoulder tackle. He hits a dropkick before taking the match outside. Homicide is thrown into the chairs.

Wagner takes Homicide deep inside the crowd and hits him with crutches. He drops on Homicide and hits him with a crutch just like an ax handle. Back to the ring, Wagner hits a chair shot at the groin. He slams the chair at Homicide’s back. Wagner puts on choke with his legs around the neck. Wagner puts on the inverted cloverleaf for a while. Homicide places a chair in between the turnbuckles. He counters a charge from Wagner and hits him with a suplex. Wagner rolls to the floor to be hit by a suicide dive.

Back to the ring, Homicide hits a DDT for two-count. Homicide goes to the top and but misses a splash. Wagner hits a dropkick and then a neck breaker off the top. Wagner goes for double underhook piledriver but Homicide counters with a cutter for a two-count. Homicide hits a big boot as Wagner invites attack. Wagner drops Homicide with dragon screw leg. Wagner ends sending Homicide head first into a chair in the corner. Wagner hits a gotch-style power slam to get the pin.

Winner – Dr Wagner Jr

Team Reefer(Jordan Oliver, Jack Cartwheel, Grim Reefer & Jimmy Lloyd) vs Second Gear & Friends(Gringo Loco, Allie Katch, Mathew Justice & Dark Sheik)

Dart Sheet starts with Jordan Oliver and they hit quick moves on each other. Sheet hits a DDT on the chair outside. Katch hits a piledriver on Lloyd. Reefer hits a dropkick Katch in the corner. Cartwheel hits a dropsault on Justice. Loco comes to deal with him. Cartwheel does some cartwheels. Loco and Cartwheel go back and forth in the ring. Cartwheel sends Loco to the floor with a hurricanrana. Cartwheel sweeps Mathew’s legs and hits him with springboard leg drop. Cartwheel hits a suicide dive on Loco on the floor.

Reefer lights up a joint on the top floor before taking out all the others on the floor with a senton dive. Reefer hits a piledriver on Dart Sheet. Loco breaks the pin. Loco fights Reefer and Reefer drops him face first. Reefer puts on crossface but Mathew breaks the move. Reefer is thrown into the wooden chairs on the outside by Justice. Cartwheel and Sheik trade shots and kicks. Then, it was Oliver and Katch to fight it out.

Oliver hits a kick before Allie drops him with a Clothesline. Sheik hits Cartwheel with a Death Valley Driver. Lloyd hits a Piledriver on Sheik. Lloyd is hit with a door. Justice and Gringo hit him with stereo splashes from the top. Oliver breaks the pin. Mathew hits Cartwheel with a spear through the door. He smashes Lloyd with a chair and Allie hits a Piledriver on Lloyd. Loco hits Cartwheel with an avalanche Powerbomb from the top to get the pin and the win.

Winners – Second Gear & Friends

Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring. Dickinson says they told him that he may be out of action for a year but he will return in five months. Dickinson says he has unfinished business in GCW and unfinished business at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. He tells Barnett to call Suzuki to meet him in Dallas at Bloodsport.

The Major Players come out and cut a promo before their match to rile up the crowd. Chris Dickinson challenges Matt Cardona for Joey Janela’s Spring Break.

The Major Players(Brian Myers & Matt Cardona) vs Joey Janela & X-Pac

Janela and Myers to start. Myers drops Janela with shoulder blocks a couple of times. Janela runs him over and then hits him with a back body drop. Myers tags Cardona. Cardona asks for X-Pac to get in. X-Pac forces Cardona to back off. Cardona asks him for a show of strength. X-Pac gives him DX’s suck it. X-Pac hits a backdrop suplex and a leg drop. He follows with a corner dropkick. He hits senton dive on Myers and Cardona on the floor.

Janela and X-Pac double team on Cardona. Myers runs a distraction and Cardona runs over X-Pac with a clothesline. Myers and Cardona with some double team and quick tags now. X-Pac tags in and Janela runs riot with quick moves. He hits a death valley driver on Myers. Janela with more quick moves on Myers. Cardona distracts the referee and Chelsea Green comes in to hit Janela with Canadian square.

Major Players with more quick tags to keep things under control. Janela slams Myers into the turnbuckle but Cardona tags in and knocks off X-Pac from the corner before a dropkick to Janela. Myers tags back in and takes Janela to the top. Janela brings him down with a powerbomb. Hot tag to X-Pac and hits drops Cardona a bunch of times. He hits bronco buster on Cardona. Myers kicks him as he goes for Bronco Buster on him.

Janela hits double dropkicks on his opponents. All four men brawl in the ring. Janela runs into double knees from Cardona. Janela drops Cardona and then sets up a door on the floor. Cardona drops him on the ropes. Myers hits Janela with a belly to back suplex. Cardona brings in chairs and door in the ring. Janela ducks and Cardona ends up taking Myers through the door. Janela sends Cardona to the floor and hits a suicide dive. X-Pac hits X-factor on Cardona and Janela hits an elbow drop but Cardona kicks out.

Cardona slams X-Pac with a chair. Major players hit a double team blockbuster on Janela. They set up a door on chair. X-Pac counters to send Cardona to the turnbuckle. He uses the ropes for a low blow on Chelsea. X-Pac hits Myers with X-factor through the door to get the pin.

Winner – X-Pac & Joey Janela

After the match, Janela takes the mic and gives it to X-Pac. X-Pac talks a bit about his return match and thanks GCW for making it happen. He wraps up his promo and Joey Janela drops him from behind. This brings us to the end of the show.

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