Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston Set for AEW Revolution 2022

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston match is now confirmed for AEW Revolution 2022 PPV.

The seeds of this match were sown for a long time now. Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho started feuding since the start of the year when Jericho returned to action by saving Eddie, Santana and Ortiz from a beatdown from 2Point0.

The storyline progressed as Santana & Ortiz, from Jericho’s team Inner Circle, turned on Jericho and supported Kingston. These two men met in the ring this week on Dynamite for a promo segment. Jericho took jabs at Kingston for not even knowing him until AEW hired him. Kingston argued that people like Jericho are sucking blood from him, but he will not change himself until he dies and will do things in his own way.

Kingston in return has asked Jericho to face him and not give him the Jericho in that match that was beaten by Orange Cassidy or got thrown from the cage by MJF. Instead, he wants Jericho who was the first AEW World Champion.

Jericho then announced their match at Revolution and told Kingston that he will fail to beat him and stay at the top, as he always did until now. He also said, if Kingston beats him at Revolution, he will see Kingston in his eyes, shake his hands and give him his respect.

This year’s AEW Revolution will air on March 6. Keep tuned in for more news and updates from the show.

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