Chad Gable Destroys Corbin’s Crown After His Coronation

Chad Gable Breaks Corbin Throne
Chad Gable Breaks Corbin Throne at Smackdown 17 September 2019

Baron Corbin’s Coronation after King of the Ring win did not go as planned as Chad Gable went on to assault him and destroy the crown.

Baron Corbin became the King of the Ring 2019 by defeating Chad Gable in the final at RAW earlier this week. Last night at SmackDown, Corbin went on to get “coronated” by a staffer who placed his robe and handed him a crown. Corbin cut a promo to justify him winning the King of the Ring 2019 tournament.

He even referenced to the famous line from “The Dark Knight” when he said that he is the king they needed and not necessarily deserve. He also warned that if he would not be treated with respect worthy of a King, he will show us that he can rule with an iron fist. Then, as his first act, he called his opponent from the final- Chad Gable.

As it has been the norm lately, Gable was mocked by Corbin with short jokes. Once Gable has had enough, he went on to tackle Corbin onto the throne placed in the middle of the ring for Corbin’s coronation. Gable also nailed him with the scepter which was part of his King of the Ring attire. If that was not enough, he ripped his cape, broke the throne piece by piece and crushed his crown.

All this while, Corbin could only see from the ringside, crying on and having his heart get broken as each piece of his King of the Ring shenanigans being broken apart. With all such viciousness from Gable, it looks like their story is going to continue for some time.

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