Elimination Chamber: Finn Balor has become the new Intercontinental Championship title

Finn Balor has become the new Intercontinental Championship title in a handicapped match against Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush at Elimination Chamber 2019 Event.

finn balor become new intercontinental champion

Lashley started dominantly against Balor with forearms, stomps and takedowns until Balor sidesteps from the corner after an armdrag to hit game girl from the apron and then countered a powerbomb attempt to a scissor takedown. With the stipulation that Balor could pin any of Rush or Lashley to win the match, Balor took control over Rush a couple of times only for Lashley to be tagged in and regain control.

In the final third of the match, Lashley setup Balor for the spear after a RockBottom but Rush tagged himself in hit the splash from the top. Balor avoids it and then denies Lio from tagging Lashley. When Lashley came in, Balor sent him to the ringside with a sling blade. When Rush followed Lashley to the ringside, Balor took both of them down with a suicide dive. Balor brought Rush back inside the ring to hit a dropkick followed by the Coup De Grace and pinned him to get the win.

This is the first time that Balor has won the Intercontinental Championship title. And with Balor not getting pinned, he will surely get the rematch. However, the Lio Rush and Lashley partnership looks over as after the match, an irate Lashley hit Rush with a huge spinebuster.

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