Chris Jericho defeats Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing

Chris Jericho has defeated Kenny Omega at the main event match of AEW Double or Nothing. Jericho will now face Adam Page for the AEW World Championship match.

Chris Jericho Defeat Kenny Omega AEW Double or Nothing
Chris Jericho Defeat Kenny Omega AEW Double or Nothing

These two stars previously had a match at NJPW where Omega came out on top. Later, Jericho attacked Omega after his match at ‘All In’ last year which lead to a tag team match another indie show. As soon as Omega announced his signing at AEW’s Ticket Rally, Jericho was quick to confront him and get involved in a brawl. The stakes were raised for the match when AEW announced that the winner of the match will enter into the first AEW World Championship match.

Chris Jericho ended the brutal match with his new finisher, ‘The Judas Effect’, which is essentially a rapid back elbow, to get the win. However, the biggest surprise of the night came when Jon Moxley appeared after the match to lay down both Jericho and Omega.

Match Description

They lock up and Jericho scores the first takedown with a running shoulder. Omega comes back with some chops to the chest. Kenny runs into an elbow and misses a V-Trigger. Jericho counters a hurricanrana with the Walls of Jericho. Omega escapes under the ropes and Jericho follows up with a dropkick. Jericho grabs the bell and rings it symbolically. Omega slams him onto the timekeeper’s table. Kenny tries a moonsault from the barricade and Jericho pushes him into the crowd.

Omega hits a crucifix slam and a moonsault for two. They trade stiff chops before Jericho hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Jericho gets distracted by the crowd while Omega is looked at by the ref for a broken nose. Omega is bleeding as Jericho hits a few punches. Kenny takes him down with a hurricanrana. Jericho pulls a table out from under the ring and Kenny hits a dive to take him and the table down. Kenny hits a double stomp before he sets up the table next to the ring. Kenny hits the V-Trigger to the back of the head.

Omega puts Jericho on the top turnbuckle and hits super back suplex. Omega blocks a Lionsault and hits another V-Trigger. Y2J counters his finisher and hits a German suplex. Jericho hits a pair of Lionsaults for two. He backdrops Omega over the top rope and through the table. Jericho brings him to the top turnbuckle for a superplex. Omega counters and knocks him down. He jumps right into a Codebreaker to give Jericho a near fall. Omega pops up and hits a dragon suplex out of nowhere.

Jericho blocks a running knee and locks in the Walls of Jericho once again. Kenny is able to roll over and kick his way out. They trade strikes and Omega hits another V-Trigger. They botch a move out of exhaustion but recover right away. Y2J spikes Omega with a DDT and hits a running Codebreaker. Jericho hits his new move ‘the Judas Effect’ to score the pin and the win.

Winner- Chris Jericho

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