AEW Rampage Results 13 August 2021(Debut Episode): Omega vs Christian

AEW Rampage 13 August 2021

Welcome to the live blog for AEW Rampage episode of 13 August 2021.

AEW will usher into new horizons with the debut of its second weekly TV show. The debut episode will air from Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA with the hometown girl Britt Baker defending the women’s title against Red Velvet. Miro will defend the TNT Championship against Fuego del Sol who could earn an AEW contract along with the title. Kenny Omega and Christian will face off in first of their two matches the Impact World Championship on the line.

AEW Rampage 13 August 2021 Quick Results

  • Christian Cage defeated Kenny Omega(c) via pinfall to win IMPACT World Championship.
  • Miro(c) defeted Feugo Del Sol via submission to retain AEW TNT Championship.
  • Britt Baker(c) defeated Red Velvet via submission to retain AEW Women’s Championship.

Kenny Omega(c) vs Christian Cage – IMPACT World Championship

The pyro goes off to kick off the show. Excalibur welcomes us on commentary with Mark Henry, Taz and Chris Jericho. Christian Cage is first to come out. IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega has Don Callis by his side as he makes his way to the ring.

Christian gets better of the early exchanges and mocks Omega with the Elite’s finger bullet pose. Omega rocks him with big blows. Omega goes for the one-winged angel early, but Christian counters. Callis gives some advice to Omega and Omega works on it.

Omega with some quick moves and sends Christian out of the ring. Christian catches him with a dropkick. Omega uses some underhand tactics as Callis distracts the referee.

Omega keeps control during the picture-in-picture ad break. Christian counters a superplex to drop Omega with a powerbomb. Omega hits the rolling driver and a moonsault after countering kill switch. Christian gets the control back. Omega hits a powerbomb and V-trigger but Christian counters the one-winged angel.

Omega misses V-Trigger against the corner and slams his knee against the turnbuckle. Christian hits a spear for a near fall. Omega was looking for another V-trigger but Christian catches him with a kick from the apron. Christian hits a splash for a near fall.

Callis runs interference and Omega hits a lowblow. Omega had a chair in the ring for One winged Angel. Christian hits the kill switch on the chair and throws the chair away. Christian gets the pin on Omega.

Winner – Christian Cage(new IMPACT World Champion)

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus come out to celebrate with Christian.

Backstage: After the break, Christian is with Mark Henry for an interview. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are with champagne. Orange Cassidy is standing nonchalantly in the background. Christian says Omega is the toughest competitor for him to beat. He adds it was so tough to beat him for IMPACT World title, it will be harder to beat him for AEW World Title.

Miro(c) vs Fuego Del Sol – AEW TNT Championship Match

Fuego Del Sol catches Miro with a Tornado DDT before the bell could ring. The referee checks on Miro and asks for the bell. Sol hits a dropkick to send Miro out to the floor. Miro barely beats the 10 count. Sol with another DDT and a splash. Miro catches him with a Samoan drop, hits Machka kick and puts on the submission to get the win.

Winner – Miro(retains AEW TNT title)

Post-match: Miro grabs his title to celebrate. We see Miro has ripped the AEW contract that Del Sol was supposed to get in case he had won.

Sammy Guevara and Tony Khan come out to the stage. Khan hands a contract to Guevarra and goes back. Guevarra gets into the ring and tells Del Sol that he is getting the contract since the fans love him. Del Sol and Guevarra hug in the ring as Del Sol gets emotional over the contract.

Britt Baker (c) vs Red Velvet – AEW Women’s Championship

Back and forth action to start. Velvet gets the first big move by hitting a dropkick to get a two-count. Neither woman is getting a clear advantage in the match till now as we cut to a picture-in-picture break.

Red Velvet works on Baker’s injured arm after the break. Baker hits her with swinging neckbreaker and gets a two-count with a crucifix pin. She transitions into a lockjaw but Velvet rolls her over before she could get the lock in. Velvet grabs hold of the glove Baker was wearing in her injured arm and rips it off.

Baker runs into a superkick from Velvet. Velvet hits a moonsault for a near fall. Baker hits a brainbuster and the curb stomp for another near fall. Velvet goes for the lockjaw but Baker cleverly rolls over. Velvet hammers on the wrist to prevent the move. Baker switches the lock to the other hand and gets the submission.

Winner – Britt Baker(retains AEW Women’s Title)

Post-match: Baker hits Velvet with another swinging neckbreaker. Kris Statlander runs in to save her. Jammie Hayter makes her return to help out Baker.

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