AEW Dynamite- September 29, 2021 – Results & Preview

AEW Rampage September 29 2021
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AEW will air the September 29 episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite from Rochester, NY at the Blue Cross Arena. This is Brodie Lee’s hometown, so, we can expect some form of tribute from AEW. It is also heavily rumoured that Bray Wyatt might debut at this episode.

Other than that, three matches are announced. Adam Cole will face Jungle Boy in a singles match. Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson will take on the new team of Matt Sydal & Dante Martin. Miro will defend the AEW TNT Championship against Sammy Guevara. Penelope Ford and The Bunny will take on Tay Conti & Anna Jay.

Read on to check the complete details for AEW Dynamite on September 29, 2021 with results, preview, match card, start time, location, tickets and how to watch or live stream the show..

Show – AEW Dynamite
Date – September 29, 2021
Location – Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY, US
Time – 8 PM EST(September 30 – 12 AM GMT)

AEW Dynamite is available to watch on TNT Network on cable TV in the United States. One can also watch the show via Watch TNT app for online streaming and other online streaming platforms which air TNT live.

In India, the show is available on Eurosports Channel. For International Users, Fite TV provides the broadcast of AEW Dynamite via AEW Plus package for $4.99 per month. You can use the below link to subscribe to AEW Plus.

TNT Championship: Miro will defend the title against Sammy Guevara this week on Dynamite. Miro has already defeated Guevara’s mate Fuego Del Sol twice in the title match. He also attacked Guevara & Del Sol at AEW Rampage Grand Slam.

Adam Cole vs Jungle Boy: In the continued rivalry between The Elites & the Good Guys, Adam Cole will take on Jungle Boy in a singles match. At Rampage Grand Slam, Cole & The Young Bucks defeated Jungle Boy’s Jurrasic Express and Christian Cage.

Cody Rhodes’ Tag Team Match: After tasting defeat to Malakai Black for the second time, it seems Cody Rhodes is moving on to other things. He will team up with Lee Johnson to take on Dante Martin & Matt Sydal.

Women’s – Dark Order vs HFO: After weeks of continued rivalry, Penelope Ford & The Bunny will take on Tay Conti & Anna Jay. All four women have faced each other in singles matches and traded wins with each other.


  • Adam Cole defeated Jungle Boy in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson defeated Dante Martin & Matt Sydal in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin defeated Bear Country & Anthony Green in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy & Dark Order defeated Hardy Family Office in a 16-man tag team match via pinfall.
  • Anna Jay & Tay Conti defeated Penelope Ford & The Bunny in a tag team match via submission.
  • Sammy Guevara defeated Miro(c) via pinfall to win the AEW TNT Championship.

Live Updates

Adam Cole vs Jungle Boy

After a back and forth match, Adam Cole hit Panama Sunrise and last shot to get the win.

Winner – Adam Cole

After the match, The Super Elite are out to the ring. They boast about themselves for a bit. Kenny Omega takes the mic and brings up how Bryan Danielson took him to the limit but failed to finish the job. Omega said there will be no rematch.

Bryan comes out to the ramp. He asks the crowd if they want a rematch, and gets a resounding “Yes.” When Omega denies it, he gives him the nickname – Kenny “No Balls” Omega. The crowd chants Kenny “No Balls.” Bryan then offers anyone from The Elite to face him on Rampage. Omega tells him why not Bryan faces all of them right away. Byran agrees and brings out Christian Cage, Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy. Super Elite run away.

Andrade El Idolo is backstage with his assistant and facing Lucha Bros. Andrade asks Lucha Bros when was the last time they defended AAA Tag Titles. He will bring someone for them to face.

Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

Cody and Dante start and Cody takes Dante down with a side headlock. Lee and Matt tag. Matt hits a big kick to the spine and tags in Dante. Lee comes out of a headlock and hits a shoulder tackle. They dodge each other a bunch of times and come to a stalemate. Cody comes in and so does Sydal to start a brawl between all four. We cut to a picture in picture. We see suicide dive after suicide dive in the break.

Lee is fighting back from the headlock and hits a dropkick. Cody gets a hot tag and hits dropdown uppercut and a powerslam. Martin hits a headscissor before Cody hits him with some elbows. He drops Sydal from the apron and hits Martin with the verte-breaker for a near fall. Sydal takes Lee out to the floor and Martin hits a missile dropkick. Dante hits the double jump moonsault on Cody for a two-count. Lee tags himself and catches Sydal with a big kick. He then hits a brainbuster for the win.

Winner – Lee Johnson & Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody calls out Malakai Black. Arn Anderson tells Cody to stop and Black has systematically destroyed the Nightmare Family. Anderson says Cody left his boot in the ring the first time he lost to Black, and then when he came back, instead of finishing the match, he went to check on him mid-match. Arn says he does not want to coach a loser anymore and leaves with Lee. Cody is left in the ring by himself.

Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin vs Bear Country & Anthony Green

Mox and Eddie take Bear Country to the outside for a brawl. Green and Darby start the match in the ring. Darby brings Green down a few times. Eddie tags in and work on Green a bit more. Mox tags in against Bowlder and Bowlder brings Mox down.

Bear Country duo work on Mox with quick tags. They go for the combination splash but Eddie hits a low dropkick to stop them. Eddie hits Bronson with a German suplex. Mox does the same to Bowlder. Green tries to fight Mox and Eddie but they hits their tag team finisher to get the win.

Winner – Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin

After the match, Sting hits Green with Scorpion Death Drop.

Hardy Family Office vs Orange Cassidy & Dark Order

Matt Hardy is out with HFO. He says he was supposed to debut at Rochester but he is glad that did not happen. Hardy takes shot at the Rochester crowd before Orange Cassidy comes out. This is a 16 man tag team match. Dark Order gives respect to Brodie Lee on the apron. Negative One is also with them.

As the match starts, No 5 takes off the mask and throws it off in disagreement. The match was mostly chaos with everyone getting involved from each direction. Orange Cassidy got a cool spot with double dropkick with hands in the pocket and some lazy kicks.

The infighting between Dark Order increases and Evil Uno leaves the ringside. Grayson and Colt Cabana try to get him back. But it was Negative One, Amanda Huber(Brodie’s wife), Conti and Jay who force him to get back and fight. Dark Order fight back as things go haywire. They hit a bunch of finishers on Jora Johl to get the win.

Winner – Dark Order

Dan Lambert is in the ring with Men of the Year – Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page. He gives props to Chris Jericho for building up AEW. But then he decided to confront Men of the Year and American Top Team and got bashed up. He advises the crowd not to swing again on the balls of Jericho. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page cut their lengthy promos to establish that they are overlooked and that’s they why are now with American Top Team.

Miro vs Sammy Guevara

Miro drops Sammy a few times with some big shots. He hits big blows to the back now. Sammy fires back with some big right hands but Miro tackles him to the mat again. Sammy manages to take Miro over the top rope and slams him into the ring post and steel steps. Back to the ring, Miro counters a move from the top and throws Sammy over.

We cut to a picture in picture break and Miro is posing from corner to corner against the booing from the crowd. He continues to show off and drop Sammy in between with big shots. Sammy fires back with big elbows but Miro slams him into the ring post.

Miro lands some big elbows to neck as we return. Sammy misses a knee strike and Miro drops him with a German suplex. He follows with some big fists. Sammy fights back with big knees. Miro misses a jump in the corner and lands to the floor. Sammy jumps over the ring post with a suicide dive.

Back to the ring, Miro counters to drop Sammy with a Urinage for a two-count. Miro misses the Machka kick and Sammy hits pump knee strikes in the corner. Miro hits a big punch as Sammy goes to the top. Sammy stops the superplex and hits a cutter. Miro hits a superkick after countering GTS for a two-count. Sammy rolls to the floor to avoid Game Over.

Miro removes the turnbuckle pads from all corners. Fuego Del Sol runs in but Miro drops him. Sammy comes back and kicks Miro into the exposed turnbuckle. Sammy hits a tornado DDT and GTS next. He hits the 630 splash to get the pin.

Winner – Sammy Guevara(new TNT Champion)

The show goes off the air with Fuego Del Sol and some other locker room members celebrating with Guevara in the ring.

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