AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam- Sept 22, 2021: Live Results & Updates

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2021

AEW will be presenting Dynamite: Grand Slam 2021 event on 22 September 2021 in front of their biggest crowd to date. They have announced a pretty loaded card with AEW Champion Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson in the main event in a non-title singles match.

AEW Women’s title will also be on the line in the match between Britt Baker and Ruby Soho. Cody Rhodes will look to revenge from Malakai Black. CM Punk, Sting, MJF and many other big names will also be in action.

Join us as we bring you results and live updates from AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam 22 September 2021 episode with winners, highlights and videos.

Show – AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam 2021
Date – September 22, 2021
Location – Arthur Ashe Stadium, Queens, New York, US
Time – 8 PM EST(September 23 – 12 AM GMT)


  • Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson ended in a time-limit draw after 30 minutes.
  • MJF defeated Brian Pillman Jr. in a singles match via submission.
  • Malakai Black defeated Cody in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Sting & Darby Allin defeated FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD(c) defeated Ruby Soho via submission to retain AEW Women’s Championship.

Live Updates

The show opens with some pyros. They are opening with Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson match. Bryan comes out first. Omega shortly follows.

Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega

The bell rings and they are soaking in the moment as the crowd cheers. They lock up and come to a stalemate. Omega hits a chop and Bryan no-sells it. They try to get upper hand but come to stalemate a few times. They lock up again and Bryan manages to take Omega down to stomp on his arm.

More chops and kicks in the corner and then Kenny is dropped to the outside with a back body drop. Bryan hits a suicide dive next and sends Omega into the ring post. Bryan is keeping Omega on the mat now. Omega rakes Bryan’s eyes and takes over control. Omega works on Bryan in the corner. They trade chops before Omega hits a knee to cut off Bryan’s charge.

More kicks from Omega on the back. Bryan hits a chop before Omega pokes in his eyes again. Bryan gets his knees up on a moonsault. Chops and kicks in the corner. Omega dodges Bryan’s charge but runs into a flying lariat. Dropkick in the corner before he takes down Omega with a hurricanrana from the top. They both miss in the corner before Omega hits a hurricanrana.

Bryan is sent to the outside and hits with a plancha. Back to the ring, Bryan puts Omega in the cattle mutilation. Omega reaches the ropes with his feet. He rolls to the ramp and Bryan hits him with knee to the face. Omega hits a snap German suplex on the ramp. Omega hits V-trigger after running down the ramp. We cut to a picture in picture break.

Omega botches a buckle bomb as we return. A missile dropkick on the shoulders and Omega gets a close two-count. Bryan rolls him up to counter a German suplex. Omega hits knee strikes on the neck. We are 20 minutes into 30 minutes time limit. Bryan rolls out of the corner and hits an avalanche backdrop. Both men are down.

Bryan hits some jabs but Omega hits a V-trigger. Bryan comes back with running knee to get a near fall. Bryan goes to the top and Omega follows him and works on shoulder. Omega hits an avalanche dragon suplex to get a near fall. Omega hits another V-trigger now. He goes for the One Winged Angel but Byran counters with a reverse hurricanrana. Omega hits another V-trigger in the corner and Bryan starts to hulk up.

Omega counters the running knee with a powerbomb and hits another V-trigger for a near fall. Omega misses Pheonix Splash next. Byran hits some side kicks before they trade strikes. Bryan drops Omega and hits a big kick. Byran with stomps on the face and goes for the labell lock as we get to the final minute. Omega hits V-trigger again. They both try quick moves but fail to get to the top. They trade more stirkes now and the bell rings.

Result – Draw

Bryan goes for the Labell lock after the bell but the referee gets him away. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole come out to check on Omega. They all hit Bryan with superkicks before the staff get them away. Omega also leaves with his title.

CM Punk Speaks

CM Punk comes out for a promo. Punk says it’s been quite a time since pro-wrestling was in New York. He says people want the Old CM Punk, but be careful what you wish for. He sends a warning to Team Taz. Punk recalls Hobbs and Hook try to send him through the table last week. He says he is happy coming out for us but they do not want this.

For so long, he has been out of this ring and there is no way some one is taking this away from him. Punk says Hobbs & Hook should have finished the job because Hobbs will Go To Sleep on Friday. Punk drops the mic and leaves the ring. Punk shakes hands with Stephen Amel in the front row before leaving for the back.

MJF vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman starts with double leg takedown. MJF rakes his eyes. Pillman with armdrags and hip tosses. He no-sells a chop and shows MJF how it is done. He also avoids a kick as MJF came off the ropes. MJF hits a big punch and Pillman fires back with one of his own. MJF stomps on Pillman in the corner and tosses Pillman into the corner. Back and forth action now. MJF sends Pillman into the mat. We cut to a picture in picture break.

MJF drops Pillman with a big punch as we return. Pillman hits chops in the corner and a crossbody. Pillman speeds it up with clotheslines and kicks. He hits a powerslam to get a two-count. MJF rolls out to the floor and uses Julia Hart as a shield. MJF drops Pillman on the mat and sends him to ring. Pillman takes advantage of Julia Hart distracting MJF but hitting a basement slide dropkick. Pillman goes for a springboard move but MJF puts him in the fujiwara armbar to get the submission.

Winner – MJF

Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black

Black enters first. Cody enters with Arn Anderson and Brandy Rhodes. Black starts with takedown. Cody hits his dropdown uppercut. Black hits some kicks to force Cody to the floor. Black does his signature sit down in the ring from a springboard. Brandy comes into the ring and sits in front on Black.

Cody drops Black on the ramp. The crowd is booing him. Cody goes for a splash but Black catches him with a knee as we go to a break.

They trade strikes as we return. Black drops Cody with a big kick. He misses Black Mass and hits a knee in the corner. He follows it with Meteora. Black hits Black Mass but Cody drops to the floor. Black tries to bring him back in but fails. Cody himself breaks the count. Cody hits chop block and a running knee in the corner.

Black hits a back elbow. Cody goes for cross-rhodes but Black counters. After both men avoid finishers, Cody hits a sprinboard cutter for a near fall. Black sends Cody into Arn Anderson on the apron. Cody goes to check on Anderson but he instructs him to concentrate on Black. Black spits black-mist on Cody’s face and gets Cody in an inside cradle to get the pin.

Winner – Malakai Black

Dr. Britt Baker DMD(c) vs Ruby Soho – AEW Women’s Championship Match

Ruby and Baker lock up to start. After headlocks and reversals, Ruby hits a shoulder tackle. A big knee from Ruby and Baker is forced to the floor. Ruby takes out Rebel and Jamie Hayter with a crossbody. Baker catches her with a big kick and then hits swinging neckbreaker from the apron to the floor. We cut to a picture in picture break.

Ruby sends Baker into the turnbuckle as we return. She charges in the corner with big boots. Ruby hits a back suplex. Baker hits a thrust kick. Both women are down. They trade strikes as they get back to their feet. Rub hits a headbutt and more strikes. Ruby escapes an attempt for lockjaw. Baker hits a slingblade.

Rebel gives her the glove for lockjaw. Baker misses the stomp and Ruby works on her leg. Ruby catapults her into the corner. Ruby hits a senton from the top to get a near fall.

Britt gets her boot up as Ruby charges at her. She hits a swinging neckbreaker next for another near fall. Ruby hits a back elbow and looks for a suplex but Britt hits air raid crash for another near fall. Baker hits a stomp on the steel steps. She hits a stomp in the ring but Ruby kicks out once again. Ruby rolls her up for a near fall of her own.

Ruby hits a big kick and also kicks Rebel out. Jamie Hayter drops her on the ropes. Baker puts on the lockjaw and gets the submission.

Winner – Dr. Britt Baker DMD(retains Women’s title)