205 Live Results- 14 May 2019: Tony Nese vs Ligero

Results and updates from 205 Live episode of 14 May 2019.

205 live poster
  • Drake Maverick opens the show and hypes up the card of the night.
  • Humberto Carrillo beats Jack Gallagher, James Drake, and Mark Andrews in a fatal 4-way match with a pinfall on Gallagher with a side folding press roll up. Carrillo and Gallagher shake hands after the match.
  • Ariya Daivari gets a promo from inside a tan bed. He says Tony Nese is flying to London for a match and wasting his energy. And he is here getting a tan and massages and coming into their match at Money in the Bank nice and fresh.
  • Tony Nese is interviewed backstage and he says the smart thing isn’t always the right thing and he could have taken it easy but the WWE Universe expects more from the Cruiserweight Champion. And as champion, he is proud to carry on the tradition of the stars of 205 Live wrestling the stars of NXT UK and face off against El Ligero tonight.
  • A highlight package is played showcasing Ligero. Clips include a narration from Ligero spliced together with clips of his performance in NXT U.K.
  • A video from the Lucha House Party. They accept Singh Brother’s challenge and will face them next week in tag-action. Commentary confirms it.
  • Tony Nese beats El Ligero by pinfall after a powerbomb in the turnbuckle and running knee.
  • After the match, Ariya Daivari comes out of nowhere and attacks Ligero! Nese tries to fight him off but Daivari gets the better of him and finishes him off with hammerlock lariat. Daivari picks up the title and drapes it over Nese’s body.

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