Dana White Guaranteed Jake Paul Wouldn’t Call Anderson Silva For A Fight

The president of UFC doubts that Jake Paul would ever want to fight Anderson Silva, especially after his recent success in boxing. 

Anderson Silva is a former UFC middleweight champion. He appeared in boxing matches and won both of them. He already defeated the former UFC light heavyweight champ, Tito Ortiz by knockout in the very first round, and he also pulled off a big upset over former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Jake Paul also defeated two former UFC fighters in the form of Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. However, Dana White thinks there is no way Jake Paul will go against Anderson Silva next. 

In the post-show press conference of Dana White Contender Series 39 Dana White stated that Anderson Silva might be the GOAT of combat sports and he is quite interested to see what he will do next. 

He talked with MMA Junkie and other reporters where he said, “I guarantee you this: You ain’t gonna see Jake Paul calling Anderson Silva out. That I promise you. (Silva is) his size, and he’s actually good. He’s old, which is what Jake Paul likes to fight old guys. He likes to fight old guys that are too small and that are absolutely, positively washed up.”

On the other hand, Jake Pual recently had an interview with The MMA Hour where he stated that he would love to take on Anderson Silva. However, he will fight him only after seeing whether he is actually good in the ring or not. 

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