Jake Paul Denies a Rematch with Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul's entrance with Robot

Jake Paul denies the possibility of having a rematch with the former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley by saying that he had his chance. 

The Problem Child certainly likes to put some strange and unusual bets on his boxing matches. The same is in the case of his upcoming match with Tommy Fury as well. Both the fighters agreed to a stipulation that if Fury loses he would change his name legally to “Tommy Fumbles” for one year. 

Tyron agreed to get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo if he lost. However, after the match, he said he would have the tattoo done if Paul agrees to a rematch. He eventually got the tattoo on his middle finger but then Jake Paul refused a rematch. 

Jake Paul had a chat with TMZ Sports and said that he wouldn’t fight Woodley because, by the time he got the tattoo, he moved on to his next fight with Fury. 

Paul also thinks that people do not want to see Paul vs Woodley 2. However, Jake Paul is certainly interested in fighting Nate Diaz whose UFC contract is about to get over. 

First Jake Paul has to survive Tommy Fury on December 11 at Showtime PPV before moving on to his next fight. 

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