Canelo Alvarez & Ilunga Makabu Comes Face to Face at WBC Convention

Canelo-Alvarez-interview on DANZ

WBC Cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu and Canelo Alvarez came face to face on Thursday at WBC Convention Center. 

The two boxers met and posed for pictures ahead of their potential match for the Cruiserweight title in the first half of the next year. WBC has recently given approval to this bout

When Alvarez and Makabu met each other, it didn’t seem like they were going to fight each other. Instead they met like friends, shaking hands and hugging each other in the center stage. 

Canelo Alvarez is determined to win a fifth division title and hence he challenges Ilunga Makabu so that he can capture the Cruiserweight title as well. 

On the other hand, Makabu thinks that Alvarez is making a mistake. He is quite certain that whenever a match between them happens, he will knock Canelo out. 

Ilunga Makabu is also not pleased by the fact that people are considering him one of the weakes Cruiserweight champions. As a result, he is determined to beat Canelo Alvarez in order to prove he really made a mistake.

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