Latest Updated Injury List for WWE, AEW, IMPACT, ROH

WWE & AEW Injury List

While any kind of injury is unfortunate, they are part and parcel of sport. And professional wrestling also gets its fair share of injuries. We maintain the list of injuries, surgeries and expected return dates for wrestlers from all the major wrestling promotions like WWE, AEW, IMPACT, ROH, NJPW, and others. The list will be updated timely with names being added and removed based on their injury and return to in-ring action.

**Last Updated on 3 March 2020

WWE Injuries List

NamePromotionInjuryInjured DateReturn DateRemarks
RusevRAWMinor back injuryFeb-2020Unknown
AsukaRAWSprained wristFeb-2020March 2020Possibly she will recover at elimination chamber
KalistoSmackdownSeparated shoulder Dec-2020Unknown
Io ShiraiNXTKnee InjuryJan-2020April 2020
BoaNXTShoulder SurgeryNov-2019Unknown
EC3RAWConcussionSept-2019UnknownMore info here
AliyahNXTNasal SurgeryNov-2019UnknownPossibly going for nose job due to some condition
Xavier WoodsSmackDownAchilles Tendon InjuryOct-2019Jun-2020
Ember MoonSmackDownAnkle InjurySep-2019Aug-2020
Kona ReevesNXTPossible Orbital Bone DamageSep-2019Mar-2020
Rachael ElleringNXTTorn ACLAug-2019Feb-2020
Kavita DeviNXTTorn ACLAug-2019Feb-2020
Karen Q NXTBroken LegJul-2019Jan-2020
Mickie JamesRAWACL InjuryJun-2019Apr-2020
Lars SullivanWWE UnassignedKnee InjuryJun-2019Apr-2020
Jinder MahalSmackDownRuptured Patella TendonMay-2019UnknownHit a roadblock in recovery
Jeff HardyWWE UnassignedKnee InjuryApr-2019UnknownPossibly recovered, put on the shelf by WWE
Nia JaxRAWDouble Knee SurgeryApr-2019Jan-2020
Eddie DennisNXTTorn Pectoral MuscleApr-2019Jan-2020
Tino SabbatelliNXTTorn Pectoral MuscleApr-2018UnknownStarted Working as a commentator
Jason JordanWWE UnassignedNeck InjuryJan-2018UnknownStarted Working as a Backstage Producer

Impact Injuries List

Name Injury Injured Date Return Date Remarks
Rich SwannAnkle InjuryJan-2020Unknown

ROH Injuries List

Name Injury Injured Date Return Date Remarks
FlamitaTorn MeniscusFeb-2020Unknown

AEW Injuries List

Name Injury Injured Date Return Date Remarks
Cody RhodesToe FractureFeb-2020N/AMinor Injury, Will continue to work

NJPW Injuries List

Currently, there are no injuries listed for NJPW.

WWE ImPACT Test for Concussion Cases

WWE uses an ImPACT test for the Concussion cases. ImPACT results are evaluated by Dr. Mark Lovell who is a neuropsychologist and director of the Concussion Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center & Sports Medicine.

All WWE Talent have been given a baseline ImPACT test score annually which is mandatory for all prospective talent during pre-contract screening. If a WWE wrestler or referee shows symptoms of a concussion or has suffered a concussion, then he/she will not be cleared for a return to wrestling until he/she passes an ImPACT test and is medically cleared by a certified physician.

ImPACT tests are typically taken by WWE Talent within 24-72 hours post-injury and WWE star will not be cleared until he/she retakes the ImPACT test, passes the ImPACT test and is subsequently cleared clinically by a certified physician.

If symptoms dictate and/or ImPACT scores warrant, WWE will send WWE Talent for direct consultation with Dr. Lovell. Also, if any talent suffers a second concussion within an annual year, that talent will not return to in-ring work until after a one on one evaluation by Dr. Mark Lovell

Prevention Programs and Initiatives For Concussion Prevention

The WWE conducts a yearly educational seminar for all talent, referees, producers & medical personnel that addresses the topic of concussions. The seminar, conducted by Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, covers topics like:

  • concussion awareness
  • WWE’s protocols for treatment
  • Latest medical information regarding concussion

In addition to education, the WWE has also modified its training program to emphasize techniques and timing of maneuvers to prevent unnecessary shots/strikes to the head. WWE has also eliminated using the folded metal chairs to hit strike an opponent on the head. WWE also penalizes through the wrestlers with fine and/or suspension for the following:

  1. The intentional use of a folding metal chair to hit an opponent in the head.
  2. Any other strike to the head that is deemed an Intentional act.