WWE SmackDown Results October 21, 2022, Live Updates

WWE SmackDown October 21 2022
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WWE SmackDown continues the promotion’s journey toward WWE Crown Jewel 2022 event with another weekly episode on October 21, 2022.

Damage CTRL’s Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai will defend WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi. Bayley will be in Kai and Sky’s corner as usual. Also announced is a singles match between Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville.

Logan Paul comes back to Smackdown to build-up his rivalry with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. Next piece of arc for Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross’ rivalry is expected to unravel. Will Bray Wyatt appear on the blue brand again? Omos will definitely come to Smackdown to face Braun Strowman.

Tune in below as we post live results from WWE Smackdown October 21, 2022 episode with live updates, complete action, highlights, winners and videos.


  • Solo Sikoa defeated Sheamus in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Sonya Deville vs Liv Morgan singles match ended in a double count-out.
  • Damage CTRL(Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky)(c) defeated Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi in a tag team match via pinfall to retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Rey Mysterio vs Ludwig Kaiser

Live Updates

Solo Sikoa vs Sheamus

Sheamus is coming out with Butch and Ridge Holland as the show goes live. The screen flickers and Bray Wyatt proclaims that he is here. We cut back to the arena in seconds though. Solo Sikoa comes out with The Usos and Sami Zayn.

They lock up and Solo manages to force Sheamus to a corner. Sheamus pushes him away and puts on an arm wrench. They trade big shots in the middle. Solo rakes Sheamus’ face and hits a couple of chops. Sheamus hits a clothesline to take control for a while. Solo hits a headbutt. Sheamus drops him with a short clothesline. He puts on a shoulder stretch. Solo hits a spinning heel kick. Sheamus sends him to the apron but Solo hits him with a back elbow to avoid 10 Beats of Beltran. Solo drops him arm on the ropes and pulls him to the floor. He hits a hip attack against the steel steps to take us to a break.

Solo is in control as we return. He is working on left shoulder which was injured before the break. Solo hits a hip attack in the corner. Sheamus cuts him off with a clothesline. Sheamus takes his time to get up and starts to nail clotheslines in the corner. He hits White Noise to get a close two-count. Sheamus goes to the top and Solo drops him with an avalanche Samoan Drop to get a close two-count. Sheamus fights back of spinning solo with back elbows. He hits a powerslam before setting up and hiting 10 Beats of Beltran.

Solo avoids Brogue kick and hits a superkick. Sheamus hits Brogue kick and covers Solo, but Sami distracts the referee. The Bloodline and Brawling Brutes fight on the floor. Butch and Holland are put under the announce table. Sheamus hits Jimmy with a Brogue Kick on the floor. He was coming back to the ring but Sami pulls his leg. Solo catches Sheamus with Spinning Solo to get the pin.

Winner – Sheamus

After the match, Jey Uso get into the ring and starts unloading on Sheamus. Jimmy and Sami also join in as the Bloodline beat up Sheamus for a while.

Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci are backstage trying to intimidate Rey Mysterio. Rey says he does not appreciate Kaiser and Vinci and offers either of them to face him in the ring. Kaiser accepts the challenge.

Bray Wyatt is backstage and says he did not get a chance to finish up last week, but he will do it tonight. Wyatt confesses that he has problems but there is a few of them like anger that takes him to places where he should not have come back to. But, he is getting chances that many does not get. But something brought him back from a dark place and he confesses that he is glad that he brought back. Bray says he is able to see who this person is and what he wants. He says he is a servant now and he goes where the circle takes him.

The Bloodline is backstage with Sami and Jimmy in extra cheerful mood. Solo is just sitting there recovering from his match. Sami hypes Solo for a while and says their night is done now. Jey says they should take out Logan Paul now as soon as he comes to SmackDown. Sami tells him Roman instructed to not engage with Logan. Jey acts like he will listen to that instructions before making a U-turn. He leaves the room alone.

Sonya Deville vs Liv Morgan

They lock up and Sonya pushes Liv to the corner. The referee breaks them before Sonya pushes Liv to the mat. Sonya hits a shoulder tackle before Liv avoids an ankle pick with a jump. She hits a kick and double knees to the back. She gets a two-count with a backslide before Sonya hits a him with a ripcord knee to get a two-count herself. Sonya slams her face into the turnbuckle a few times. This draws a warning from the referee. Liv is smiling too much during the match tonight. Liv hits many punches but Sonya sends her to the ropes and kicks her off it. We cut to a break.

Sonya is in control. Liv breaks free with elbow shots. She follows up with more elbows, kicks and a step-up enzuigiri. She hits a running knee in the corner. Sonya catches her with a knee herself to get a two-count. Sonya whips her to the corner. She hits sidekicks to Liv’s chest. Liv asks her to hit more. Sonya hits a running kick to get a two-count. Liv is smilling more and more as Sonya beats her up. Liv gets to her feet and tells Sonya to hit her. Liv takes her down with a double-leg takedown. Sonya slips to the floor and Liv continues to throw her in barricade, tables and into the steel steps. The referee counts them down.

Result – Double Count-Out

After the match, Liv brings some chairs to the ring. Liv sets up chair in the middle of the ring and hits a superplex on them. Liv keeps laughing even after hurting her back.

We cut to a video package for LA Knight who puts whole locker room on notice.

We get another video package for The Viking Raiders where they were putting their gears on.

Braun Strowman comes out and calls out Omos and MVP who were running their mouth on RAW. MVP answers the call and tells Strowman that Omos is a bigger monster. Strowman says why not Omos throw hands with him at Crown Jewel. MVP accepts the challenge on behalf of Omos. Strowman says he does not want to talk but wants some action. MVP says Omos is here and brings him out. Omos makes his entrance and goes to have a face-off with Strowman. Strowman is just coming to his chest. Omos pushes Strowman to the floor with one push.

Drew McIntyre gets interviewed backstage. He informs that both him and Kross are instructed to not get physical, but they will clash at Crown Jewel in a Steel Cage Match.

Damage CTRL(Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky)(c) vs Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Raquel picks up Iyo who counters with a stomp. Kai tags in for a double-team and kicks Raquel. Raquel counters and Shotzi comes for a double team Samoan Drop. Shotzi whips Kai to the corner and hits a cannonball. Iyo pulls out Sky to the floor. Raquel tackles Sky into Kai on the floor. Shotzi hits a crossbody off Raquel’s shoulders. Back to the ring, Shotzi hits a missile dropkick on Kai as Raquel holds her up on her shoulders. Raquel hits a shoulder tackles before a back splash from Shotzi. Shotzi hits an elbow drop. Kai hits a jawbreaker. Iyo tags in and Kai lures Shotzi into an attack from Sky. Shotzi falls to the floor to take us to a break.

Shotzi fights back and tags in Raquel. Raquel hits fallaway slams on both opponents. She was going for a Vader bomb when Sky interferes. Raquel fights off both opponents but Sky ends up dropping her with a DDT. Iyo misses a moonsault before Raquel drops her with a tackle. Shotzi comes in for a double team move. Raquel tries to stop Kai from breaking up the pin but Kai jumps over Raquel to break the pin. Raquel is sent to the floor and Sky hits moonsault on Shotzi to get the pin.

Winner- Damage CTRL

Ronda Rousey gets interviewed backstage and is asked if she would issue open challenges like her previous title reigns. She says she no longer seeks approval from the crowd as they just wants their favorites to win, and not the best to win. Ronda says she would throw open challenge when she feels like it.

We get a new message from The White Rabbit, “Never lie to the ones you love!” A man in a hat appears on the screen for a couple of seconds before the Firefly logo flickers.

We get a promo from Legado Del Fantasma. Santos Escobar says LDF’s empire is growing. And growth brings mergers and acquisitions. And their latest acquisition is Zelina Vega. Vega says LDF is heads and shoulders above everyone. Hit-Row is watching this on TV screen and B-Fab says she has an idea to get back to LDF.

Rey Mysterio vs Ludwig Kaiser

Kaiser pushes Mysterio to the corner before taking him down with a hip toss. Mysterio breaks free and hits a kick. Kaiser sends him to the corner. Rey hits him with a boot. Kaiser catches him with mid air with a big shot. Kaiser hits a kick to his face. Rey fires back with punches before he sets up for 619 with headscissors. Gunther gets on the apron to distract Rey. Rey goes for a basement slide on Kaiser on the floor but Kaiser avoids the move and hits a big European Uppercut to take us to a break.

Kaises misses a knee in the corner. Rey goes to the top. Kaiser hits him with punches. Rey fights back and hits a seated senton. He hits a springboard crossbody to get a two-count. Rey avoids a sunset flip before hitting a kick to face. Rey unloads with punches from the second rope before giving a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Kaiser hits back with an uppercut. Rey hits him with a headscissors takedown. Kaiser picks him up for a powerbomb but Rey hits him with headscissors to send him to the floor.

Rey crashes into the barricade. The referee is distracted. Rey throws a chair at Gunther and acts like he got hit with it. Gunther and Giovanni Vinci are removed from ringside. Kaiser gets his knees up on frog splash. Rey sets up and hits 619 and a frog splash to get the win.

Winner- Rey Mysterio

Logan Paul comes out and starts to talk about The Bloodline. He takes shot at each and every member of The Bloodline. He says what will happen if he connects Roman with one lucky shot. Jey Uso attacks Logan from behind. He beats him up for a while and sets him up in the corner. Sami Zayn comes out to stop Jey. Sami tells Jey that this is coming from Roman. Jey ignores him and goes for a hip attack in the corner. Logan side-steps and drops Jey with one punch. Logan poses on the stage and ellude that the same could happen to Roman also.

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