WWE SmackDown Live Results 25 June 2021: Roman’s Victory Celebration, Money in the Bank Qualifiers

WWE SmackDown 25 June 2021

WWE SmackDown episode of 25 June 2021 will deal with the fallout from Hell in a Cell PPV. Roman Reigns’ Victory Celebration and a Mixed Tag Team Match are advertised. The build-up for Money in the Bank is expected to continue with the qualifying matches. Check the preview for more details.

We will bring you complete action, live results, updates, list of winners and highlights from WWE SmackDown 25 June 2021 episode.

Event – WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Date – 25 June 2021
Location – Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL, US
Time – 8 PM EST(26 June 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

WWE SmackDown 25 June 2021 Quick Results

  • Seth Rollins & Bayley defeated Bianca Belair & Cesaro in a Mixed Tag Team Match via pinfall.
  • Big E defeated Apollo Crews in the Money in the Bank Qualifier Match via pinfall.
  • Liv Morgan defeated Carmella in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jimmy Uso defeated Dolph Ziggler in a singles match via pinfall.

Roman Reigns is backstage when Jimmy walks in. Roman asks where Jey is. “He’s a no show tonight,” Jimmy says. But he did finally get a hold of him, and Jimmy tells us Jey said he ain’t coming back. Roman gets angry hearing this. Roman talks about how he took Jey to being Main Event Uso and now he doesn’t want to show up for work. Jimmy tells Roman that while he ain’t nobody’s bitch, he is here tonight to back him up. Roman asks him if that means he can be the right hand man that Jey was. Jimmy says he can do what his brother did. Roman tells him to prove it.

Seth Rollins & Bayley vs Bianca Belair & Cesaro – Mixed Tag Team Match

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair comes out to the ring. Bianca talks about her win over Bayley at Hell in a Cell and says she would whoop her again tonight. She adds how she can’t stop smiling after that win even though Bayley put her through so much pain in that match. Seth Rollins makes his entrance. Rollins says he wants to join the celebrations as he also won at Hell in a Cell. Rollins then says he dominated Cesaro that day but Bianca’s win was a fluke.

Bayley’s music hits and she is coming out. Bianca talks trash until Bayley enters the ring. Bayley calls Bianca a pathetic loser. Bianca decks Bayley in reply. Bayley uses Rollins as interference and takes down Bianca. Cesaro runs out and ducks a microphone shot from Rollins before sending him out of the ring. Bayley does the same to Bianca. Bayley yells at Cesaro for ruining her show two weeks back. Bianca attacks Bayley from behind and Cesaro helps her out to scoop Bayley and throw her out of the ring. We cut to a break.

We return from the break and the bell rings. Cesaro starts with a waist lock takedown. Another takedown from Cesaro before he decks Rollins who was coming from the top rope. Rollins tags out to Bayley. Bianca comes in with more attacks from babyfaces. Bayley tags out but Rollins does not enter the ring right away. Cesaro catches him with an uppercut from the ropes as he after him. Cesaro hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Rollins turns it around in the ring and puts on a headlock. Cesaro fights back to his feet and trades strikes with Rollins. Rollins takes the control back with a snapmare takedown. Cesaro counters a suplex and tags in Bianca. Bianca comes in hot and unloads on Bayley. Bianca hits back-to-back dropkicks. She hits a backbreaker next and a standing moonsault. Bayley rolls to the floor and catches Bianca with an attack as she follows her out. Bayley slams Bianca’s arm into the steel steps as we cut to the break.

Bayley is working on the shoulder as we return. Bianca tries to overpower her and tries to tag Cesaro. Bayley slams her to the mat just as she was about to tag out. Bianca takes her down with a back body drop. Bianca tags out to Cesaro. Cesaro runs over Rollins with a big boot on the apron. Cesaro hits a big uppercut and follows it by slamming Rollins’ face into the apron multiple times. A crossbody and a lateral press gets Cesaro a two-count. Cesaro hits a corkscrew uppercut now.

Cesaro puts Rollins in the swing and gets a near fall. Bayley attacks Cesaro which gives Rollins a chance to deck Cesaro. Bianca breaks the pin now. Cesaro unloads with uppercuts and Rollins had to tag out. Bianca runs over Bayley again. Rollins and Cesaro are brawling at the ringside now. Bianca continues to be in control in the ring. Bianca was looking for KOD when Rollins runs into the ring and tackles her. Bayley hits a running knee and roseplant to get the pin on Bianca.

Winners – Bayley and Seth Rollins

After the break, Jimmy Uso is pacing up and down outside Roman’s room. Paul Heyman walks out and Jimmy asks him what does Roman mean with proving. Heyman tells him that Head of the Table needs a right hand man if Jey is not willing to show up. He suggest Jimmy should win a match to start and asks him if he wants to get a match for him. Jimmy says he is down for it. Heyman warns him that there will be consequences if he does not win.

Nakamura’s Coronation

Rick Boogs is in the ring and introduces the One True King of All of WWE – Shinsuke Nakamura. The Crown is placed on a podium in the ring. The Throne from King of the Ring is also there in the ring. Nakamura makes his entrance and goes to sit on the Throne. Boogs places the crown on Nakamura’s head. All this happens as Nakamura’s theme goes on. Pat Cummins breaks some beer cans on the commentary desk.

Baron Corbin is watching this from backstage. Kayla Braxton asks him how he is feeling. Corbin is disappointed and says he has lost everything. Boogs and Nakamura have broken into a dance in the ring.

We see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville dancing to Nakamura’s theme backstage. Seth Rollins strolls up and says he is the next challenger for Universal Championship. Rollins says he has never been more prepared in his life for the title and no one on the roster deserves the chance as he does. Pearce and Sonya say they will have to discuss this. Rollins leaves.

Big E vs Apollo Crews – Money in the Bank Qualifier Match

The lockup and Crews forces Big E to the corner. Big pushes him to the ropes. Apollo takes his time to return to the ring. Crews unloads with punches. Big E catches him with a big elbow to get a two-count. Big E charges to the corner but Apollo gets his boot up. Big E hits a clothesline. He looks for a suplex on the apron but Apollo counters to hit Death Valley Driver on the apron. Apollo lets out a roar as we cut to another commercial break.

After the break, Apollo keeps control over Big E and gets multiple two-count. They ended up on the outside and Azeez tries to get involved. He was going to hit the Nigerian Nail on Big E but the referee caught him and sent him to the back. Big E hit the Big Ending on Apollo in the ring to get the pin.

Winner – Big E

Sami Zayn is with Kayla Braxton to talk about his win over Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell. Sami says he is much better mood and looking forward to the future. Kayla says he will be in a Money In the Bank qualifier against Owens next week. Sami goes back to rant about conspiracies and how WWE is messing with karma and cosmos. Sami walks off while still ranting.

After the break, Sami Zayn goes to Adam Pearce backstage. Sami is not happy being booked against Kevin Owens in a Money In the Bank qualifying match next week. Sami says he should be directly announced for Money in the Bank match directly. Pearce says he will have to face Kevin Owens and it will be a Last Man Standing match. Sami says Pearce is playing a very dangerous game with karma, before walking off

Money in the Bank Qualifier Announcement

Sonya Deville is out in the ring. She introduces her first selection for the Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match and it is Carmella. Carmella makes her entrance. She takes the mic in the ring and reminds us of her two wins in the Money In the Bank Ladder matches. She wants Sonya to re-do her introduction as the most beautiful woman in WWE.

Liv Morgan’s music interrupts and she comes out with a mic. Liv reminds Carmella about beating Carmella last week. Liv wants to be in the Money in the Bank match. Carmella taunts Liv and this leads Liv slapping Carmella. Deville gets in between them and announces that Liv could show she deserves a spot in the Money in the Bank by beating Carmella right now. We cut to a commercial.

Carmella vs Liv Morgan

Carmella decks Liv in the face as we return from the break. The match has started and they are on the floor. Carmella takes Liv back to the ring. Liv turns it around and hits a backbreak and slams Carmella into the turnbuckle. Liv lands on her feet awkwardly. Carmella hits a superkick. Carmella is in control now. She hits a hip attack in the corner to get a two-count.

Carmella slaps Liv as she recounts her achievements. Liv catches her with Flatliner but Carmella gets her foot to the rope to break the pin. Carmella decks Liv and sets up Liv on the top. Carmella goes for the heacscissor from the top but Liv rolls her over to get the pin.

Winner – Liv Morgan

Jimmy Uso vs Dolph Ziggler

They lock up to start. Jimmy takes down Ziggler with tackle. He unloads on Ziggler and Ziggler has to reach the ropes to avoid more attack. Jey hits another shoulder tackle and an enziguiri to get a two-count. Ziggler hits an elbow to the mid-section. He works Jimmy against the ropes before slamming him to the mat for a two-count. Jimmy gets back to his feet, but Ziggler pulls him by his hair and hits an elbow drop.

Ziggler puts on a chinlock now. Ziggler sends him to the corner. Jimmy hits an elbow as Ziggler charges at him and then hits a big boot. Ziggler is sent out to the floor with a back body drop. Jimmy goes to hit Ziggler with a suicide dive but Robert Roode pushes Ziggler away and gets the burnt of the dive. Ziggler sends Jimmy into the steel steps with Zigzag. We cut to the break with Jimmy in pain.

Jimmy is fighting back with elbows to the midsection as we return. Jimmy foes for the Fireman’s carry but his back gives up. Jimmy hits a clothesline and a Samoan drop to get a two-count. Ziggler counters a superkick and hits Zigzag for a two-count. They trade strikes while on their knees. Now, they trade big shots as they get back to their feet. Ziggler rolls through for a pin attempt to get a two-count. Jimmy hits a superkick to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Jimmy Uso

After the match, Jimmy hypes up and looks relieved to get the win.

State of Universal Championship Address

Roman Reigns is at Gorilla with Paul Heyman. Jimmy reaches to Gorilla and was looking for some reaction from Roman. Roman ignores him and starts to make his entrance as his music hits. Jimmy was about to follow him but Paul Heyman tells him to stay back. Roman makes his grand entrance. Roman reaches the ring and raises his title. The commentators hypes the State of Universal Championship address.

After the break, Paul Heyman has the mic with Roman standing in front of him. Heyman takes us to the recap of Roman beating up Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio, Roman’s win inside Hell in a Cell match last week. The Thunderdome crowd starts to chant “Roman Sucks” chants. Heyman continues to hype Roman’s title reign by counting down every opponent that Roman has defeated in this reign.

Heyman says Roman has wiped out the entire division now. Roman will now do something that is never done in history, but he has no choice left. Heyman hands the mic to Roman. Roman was about to start his promo when Edge’s music hits. Roman is suprised as Edge comes out from the midst of pyro. Roman goes to attack Edge on the apron but Edge takes the upper hand and takes him to the floor. Edge slams Roman’s face on the announce table multiple times.

Roman catches him with a Superman punch as they return to the ring. Roman goes and picks a steel chair. Edge hits him with a spear as Roman enters the ring with the chair. Edge goes out and brings another chair for con-chair-to. Jimmy Uso comes out to make the save. He unloads on Edge and takes him to the floor. Edge whips him to the steel steps and spears him through the barricade now. Roman has left the ring and has gone up the ramp. Edge shouts at him from the ring. The show goes off the air as Edge raises his hands in the air.

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