WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Results- Roman vs Demon: Live Updates

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Live Results
Credits – WWE

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 – the promotion’s hardcore rules PPV event – will air tonight from Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH. However, in contradiction, only one out of six matches announced is an Extreme Rules match. And that match is the main event match between WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and “The Demon” Finn Balor.

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair is the other high-profile match for SmackDown Women’s Championship. Damian Priest will defend United States title in a triple threat match against Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. Charlotte Flair will defend RAW Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss in the only other match from RAW’s side. The Usos vs Street Profits and Liv Morgan vs Carmella are the other matches to round up the card.

We can expect at least one pre-show match and one more match on the main card to be announced.

Join us as we bring the live results from Extreme Rules 2021 with updates, winners and highlights on September 26, 2021.

Show – WWE Extreme Rules 2021
Date: 26 September 2021
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, US

Extreme Rules 2021 Results

  • Liv Morgan defeated Carmella in a singles match via pinfall at the pre-show.
  • New Day(Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos in a Tag Team match via pinfall.
  • The Usos(Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)(c) defeated The Street Profits(Angelo Dawkins & Montex Ford) via pinfall to retain WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.
  • Charlotte Flair(c) defeated Alexa Bliss via pinfall to retain WWE Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Damian Priest(c) defeated Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy via pinfall to retain WWE United States Championship.
  • Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship – in-progress
  • Roman Reigns(c) vs “The Demon” Finn Balor – Extreme Rules Match for WWE Universal Championship

Live Updates

Pre-show: You can watch the pre-show in the embedded video above. The usual panel is there for the kick-off. Carmela vs Liv Morgan is announced for the pre-show. We see the match card for the night and then the video package for Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair match.

Sonya Deville joins the panel to discuss the match. Kayla Braxton asks her about her treatment of Noami. Sonya says she is setting precedence and will do the same thing if other superstars will not follow the rules.

We get the recap of how Big E won the WWE Championship. Sarah Schrieber is backstage and is looking to catch New Day as they arrive for the event. AJ Styles cut her off. New Day arrives and they mock AJ. Bobby Lashley attacks them and so does AJ & Omos. A brawl breaks out backstage and WWE officials have to break it.

The panel discuss the United States title triple threat match. After the break, a 6-man tag team match is added to the main card – New Day taking on Lashley, AJ Styles and Omos.

The Street Profits are shown arriving into the building. Montez Ford says he is only focused on winning the SD tag team titles tonight and Dawkins should tell him if he has any other motive. Dawkins said he was not there Friday, but he has no other motive than titles tonight.

Liv Morgan defeated Carmella in the pre-show match.

Main Show: New Day vs Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos is opening the show.

New Day(Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos

New Day comes out to open the show. AJ Styles & Omos follow. Lashley is last to enter. Xavier Woods and AJ start. Woods hits big chops to start and then sends AJ into the turnbuckle a few times. AJ counters and puts on the Calf Crusher. Woods grabs the ropes quickly. Kofi tags in. AJ and Kofi avoid each other’s moves a few times. AJ hits a chop block. Kofi tags Big E. Big E hits a big lariat on AJ. AJ tags Lashley after Big E calls him out.

Lashley hits shoulder tackle and a clothesline. Big E turns it around and takes Lashley in his corner. New Day with quick tags as they stomp on Lashley. Lashley rolls out to the floor. He catches Kofi in the crossbody and Woods assists to bring him down. The match resumes after a face-off on the floor. Lashley tosses Kofi across the ring and hits a big shoulder block in his corner. Omos tags in and continues to beat up Kofi.

AJ puts on a chinlock and Kofi comes out of it. AJ tags in Lashley. He goes to stop Kofi but gets sent to the floor with a low bridge. Lashley then destroys Big E and sends him into the steel steps. Lashley hits a big spinebuster to Kofi back in the ring. Kofi finally tags in Woods. Woods attacks Lashley with quick moves – clothesline, shoulder tackles. shotgun dropkick and more. Lashley hits a powerslam out of nowhere for a two-count. Lashley beats him up in the corner now.

Woods counters on the top and hits a missile dropkick. Big E tags in and comes in hot against AJ. He also drops Omos from the apron. Big E with a belly to belly suplex and standing splash on AJ. AJ comes back with a Pele kick. Big E hits Urinage. AJ catches him with step-up enziguiri and then a knee. Kofi tags in and htis a splash from the top. Lashley breaks the pin and tags himself in. Lashley hits Dominator but Kofi kicks out at two.

More action and Omos takes out Kofi and Woods. Lashley hits a powerslam on Big E. AJ tags in as he wants to finish Big E. Lashley tags back shortly but catches AJ with a spear instead of Big E. Big E hits Lashley with Big Ending to get the pin and the win.

Winner – New Day(Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

The Usos(Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)(c) vs The Street Profits(Angelo Dawkins & Montex Ford) – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Ford’s ribs are taped up. Dawkins and Jey start. Dawkins hits a big shoulder tackle. Jimmy tags in. Dawkins hits a dropkick and cuts off sling blade attempt. Jimmy hits an upper cut and tags in Jey. Both Usos are sent to the floor. Ford with some ground and pound. Jimmy takes the blind tag and attacks Ford from behind. The Usos work on Ford’s injured ribs now.

Ford gets dropped on the ropes ribs first. Jey hits a delayed vertical suplex. Ford is put in a bear hug now. Ford tries to tag out but Jey keeps pulling him back. Jey misses a splash in the corner. Both men drag themselves and tag out. Dawkins with quick moves against both Usos. Jimmy catches him with an enziguiri to send him to the floor. Dawkins hits an overhead suplex on the floor. He hits superplex and twisting neckbreaker for a two-count.

Montez comes back in and hits a blockbuster on Jimmy. Dawkins comes back in and Usos double team against him with double spinebuster for a two-count. Jey hits hip attacks in the corner. Ford tags in but Jey gets his knee up on the splash. Ford hits enziguiri on Jey before tagging back Dawkins. Ford goes to the top for another blockbuster but he was slow. Jey counters and tags out. Jimmy hits a splash on Dawkins but he kicks out of the pin.

The Usos attacks Dawkins and sends him into the barricade. Ford had tagged in and takes out Usos with a suicide dive. He hits a Splash from the heaven on Jey. Ford was slow to cover and Jimmy breaks the pin. Usos hits double superkicks and then the Usos splash to get the pin.

Winner – The Usos(Jimmy & Jey)(retains SD Tag Titles)

Charlotte Flair(c) vs Alexa Bliss – WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Flair tosses Bliss with a suplex. Bliss comes back with a DDT and kicks Flair away. She kicks her at the apron and a senton on the floor. Flair turns it around in the ring. Flair puts on a stretch and keeps it on for a while. Bliss hits a jawbreaker. Flair quickly takes control.

Flair goes for the Alabama Slam but Bliss counters with a hurricanrana. Flair sends her into the turnbuckles. They spill to the floor and Flair slams Bliss into the barricade. Back in the ring, Bliss gets a roll-up for a two-count. Flair misses a moonsault from the top, but quickly hits a backflip. Bliss rolls through the Natural Selection. They trade pin attempts before Flair hits one-handed powerbomb for a near fall.

Bliss counters moonsault to hit sunset flip into the pin attempt for a near fall. Bliss misses the twisted Bliss but gets a two-count with a cradle. Bliss hits a DDT but Flair gets her leg on the ropes. Flair gets hold of Lilly for a distraction and hits Bliss with a big boot. Flair sends Bliss into the ring post and hits Natural selection to retain the title.

Winner – Charlotte Flair(retains RAW women’s title)

After the match, Flair attacks Bliss some more. She picks up Lilly and rips it apart. An enraged Bliss attacks her but Flair turns it around sends Bliss over the announce table before leaving. After Flair leaves, Bliis gets back on her feet. She screams at looking at a ripped apart Lilly. She goes to pick Lilly as the crowd chants her name. “Thank You Lilly” chants from the crowd but Bliss screams again and leaves with whatever is left of Lilly.

Paul Heyman is on a call with someone and talking about how this draft is going to be the biggest one. Kayla Braxton interrupts him and Paul gives him hypothetical replies before leaving.

Damian Priest(c) vs Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy – WWE United States Championship

Sheamus kicks Hardy out to the floor. Priest with some quick moves on Sheamus and clotheslines him to the floor. Priest beats Sheamus up near the barricade. Hardy tries to attack Sheamus but instead catches Priest with a crossbody. Sheamus beats up Hardy now. Hardy hits a crossbody on Sheamus.

Priest hits dropkicks to both of them. Back to the ring, Priest drops Sheamus before hitting broken arrow on Hardy. Sheamus hits Priest with uppercuts before sending him into the barricade. Sheamus hits backbreaker on Hardy. He keeps Priest on the floor when he attempt to return. Sheamus hits a body slam on Hardy next.

Priest counters after Sheamus hits big blows to his chest. Sheamus drops him on the ropes. Hardy hits a dropkick to Sheamus. Hardy with double ax handle, inverted atomic drop and a splash. A Russian leg sweep from Hardy. Priest comes back and Hardy takes out both of them with Whisper in the Wind. Sheamus kicks out of the pin.

Sheamus hits Alabama slam on Hardy and puts him in the Cloverleaf. Priest saves Hardy but Sheamus hits White Noise on him. Hardy breaks the pin. Sheamus is sent to the floor. Priest goes for the reckoning but Hardy counters. He hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top for the Swanton bomb but Sheamus pushes him away. Sheamus hits a knee drop on Priest from the top but Priest kicks out.

Sheamus misses Brogue kick. Priest picks Sheamus from the top to hit a one-handed powerbomb. Hardy breaks the pin with a Swanton Bomb. Priest and Hardy trade strikes next. Sheamus comes back for more back and forth action between the trio. Sheamus hits Hardy with a Brogue kick. Priest rolls up Sheamus for the pin.

Winner – Damian Priest

Sheamus leaves after the match. Priest and Hardy show respect to each other in the ring.

Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Becky offers handshake just like Summerslam and goes for the manhandle slam. Bianca hits her with a big back elbow. Becky avoids the KOD by rolling to the floor. Fans do dueling chants for them. Back and forth start continues. Bianca tells her to kiss her a**, but Becky counters moonsault into disarmer. Bianca avoids the lock and they come to a stalemate.

Bianca hits a powerslam and splash for a two-count. Becky slams her to the turnbuckle. Bianca hits a dropkick and Becky goes to the floor to regroup. Becky uses Bianca’s braids to drop her on the ropes. Becky keeps control of the match and slows down the action. Becky hits a leg drop and an elbow drop.

Bianca tries to fight back but Becky uses her braids again to bring her down. Bianca htis a jawbreaker. Becky avoids her in the corner and hits a big knee and exploder suplex for a two count. Becky puts on a chin lock. Bianca gets the cheers from the crowd and she manages to power out of it to transition to a vertical suplex.

Bianca with back to back dropkicks and more moves in quick succession. Becky tries to use the braid again but Bianca drops her. Bianca hits a spinebuster but Becky kicks out. Becky goes for the crossbody but Bianca catches her and hits an overhead suplex. Becky gets her feet on the ropes to break the pin. Becky hits kicks form the apron.

Bianca scoops her up but Becky avoids the bench press slam and puts on the disarmer. Bianca uses her legs to get to the ropes to break the submission. They end up on the floor. Bianca goes for KOD on the floor but Becky flips her into the steel steps. Back to the ring, Becky hits a leg drop from the top to get another two-count.

Becky hits a leg drop on the back of the head for another two-count. Becky goes for the disarmer again. Bianca tries to block but Becky holds on. Bianca turns it into a powerbomb for a two-count. They get up and start going back and forth with strikes and pin attempts. Becky puts on the disarmer again. Biana fights back again and goes for the KOD. Sasha Banks runs in and pushes Bianca to cause a DQ.

Winner – Bianca Belair by DQ(Becky retains the title)

Sasha Banks attacks Bianca and drops her with a backstabber. Becky grabs her title and gives Sasha a thumbs up. Sasha attacks Becky also and hits a backstabber to her also. Sasha leaves and tell both of them that she will see them on Friday.

Roman Reigns(c) vs “The Demon” Finn Balor – Extreme Rules Match for WWE Universal Championship

We get the video package for the match and how Roman is getting challengers from left, right and center. Roman makes his long entrance. The red mist takes over as the Demon makes his entrance, which actually takes half the time Roman’s entrance takes.

Roman stares at Demon hard as the bell rings. They lock up but come to a stalemate quickly. Demon pushes roman into the corner and kicks at Roman’s legs. They trade elbows now. Roman goes for the powerslam but Demon rakes his eyes and works on his jaw. Roman comes back with a big upper cut. Roman hits a Samoan drop next.

Demon shows his anger but Roman hits a snap suplex. Roman goes and picks up a kendo stick. Demon brings out a kendo stick pack from the other side. They come back to the ring and Demon unloads on Roman with them.

Demon hits a big chop but Roman no-sells it and goes for the corner clotheslines. Roman gets trapped in the apron cloth. Demon unloads on his back before dropping him with a running kick. Demon brings out a table but Roman drops him with a clothesline before he could set it up. Roman brings the chairs into the ring, but Demon takes him down and hits double leg stomps on the chair on his chest.

Back to the floor, Demon throws Roman into the steel steps and then into the barricade. He takes a table to the ring before Roman hits him with drive-by dropkick to send Demon into the ringpost. Roman then throws Demon into the crowd. Heyman hands Roman a face mask before Roman goes to attack Demon in the crowd. Roman drops him on the kick-off show desk.

Demon fights back on top of the kick-off desk and sends Roman through a table with a crossbody. Demon takes Roman back to the ring and sets up a table. Roman tries to attack him but Demon hits willow’s bell. The table gets setup but Roman sends Demon through it with Urinage. Roman covers but Demon kicks out at two.

Demon ducks the Superman Punch and hits a big chop. Roman hits an uppercut but gets a Pele kick in return. Roman finally hits Superman punch for a two-count. Roman screams at the crowd that he is the Head of the Table after being reminded by Paul Heyman. Demon cuts off the spear with slingblade. Roman hits a spear but Demon kicks out of a near fall by delivering a low blow.

Demon sends Roman to the floor to take him out with a suicide dive. Demon hits Coupe de Grace but the Usos save Roman from the pin. They bring Demon out of the ring and sends him into the barricade. They set up a table but Demon fights back against them. Jimmy is sent into the barricade while Jey is takes out with a sling blade. Demon sends Jey through the announce table with a powerbomb.

Demon turns around to a spear from Roman which takes them through the timekeepers barricade. Suddenly, the arena turned red and Demon starts to move like he is going into a cardiac arrest. Demon jump-starts again and attacks Roman brutally with a steel chair. He sends Roman through the table.

He sets up for Coupe De Grace. Some mist takes over the arena. Suddenly, the top turnbuckle breaks and Demon falls down. Demon is selling a leg injury now while also being in shock over what just happened. Roman hits a spear and gets the win.

Winner – Roman Reigns(retains WWE Universal Championship)

After the match, Heyman comes into the ring and Roman asks him what just happened. The commentary is also confused about the turn of affairs. The Usos come into the ring to celebrate with Roman as he takes the title. The show goes off the air as Roman leaves for the back.