Wade Barrett Signs a New Deal with WWE

Wade Barrett WWE

The former leader of one of the most dominating factions Nexus, Wade Barrett has signed a new contract deal with WWE. 

Barrett recently had a chat with BT Sport where he revealed that his two-year contract was about to expire and hence he signed a new contract extension with the promotion. 

Wade Barrett also stated that he is very happy to stay around in WWE, and loves his role in NXT. He returned to WWE in August 2020 in a non-wrestling role.

Wade Barrett was a part of the very first batch of NXT. He signed with WWE as a wrestler in 2006. He made his main roster debut as a leader of Nexus. 

Over the years, Barrett went through several gimmicks. One of the most renowned ones was his “Bad New Barrett” gimmick. 

Wade left the promotion back in 2016 and worked in several different promotions. He finally returned home in August 2020 as an announcer. Initially, it was a one-time appearance that converted to a full-time role. 

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