WrestleMania 38: Sheamus & Holland Defeats New Day in a Short Match

Sheamus & Ridge Holland wrestlemania 38
Credit: WWE

Sheamus & Ridge Holland defeated Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods in a tag-team match with assistance from Butch at WrestleMania 38 NIght 2

The match was pretty short and ended quickly without a lot of action. Kofi Kingston started things off with trouble of paradise to Holland. However, Sheamus saved the match. 

Butch caused a distraction, and it gave Sheamus an upper hand, and he Brogue kicked Woods. Holland entered the ring and hit Jackhammer to Woods to win the match. After the match, Butch attacked Xavier Woods. 

Kofi Kingston and Big E faced Ridge Holland and Sheamus in a tag team match. Butch(former Pete Dunne) also made his Smackdown debut during this match. Big E got injured during this match as he was hit by a suplex on the floor by Holland.

Xavier Woods returned to SmackDown after injury the following week and defeated Holland in a singles match. WWE later announced a tag team match between New Day vs Sheamus & Holland, with Butch in their corner.