Roman Reigns Signs a New WWE Contract with Relaxed Schedule

Roman Reigns WWE Extreme Rules 2021

Roman Reigns has confirmed that he has signed a new contract with WWE which comes with a relaxed schedule.

The reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns joined Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina to promote the upcoming WWE Clash at the Castle event.

When asked about his contract situation, The Tribal Chief revealed that he has indeed signed a new contract. However, he did not reveal the specifics related to the length of his contract or salary figures. Roman also went on to say he will not be on every show.

“We’re not gonna be on every single pay-per-view but anything that I am on which of course will be all the major ones and then a couple of the other ones, you know, that kind of fall in between the big four and the Saudis, I will always support those with TVs to build the story and the rivalry going forward so, it’s not like — compared to what I did, I guess, yeah, you could say technically, that’s, compared to a full-time, taking on everything, you only get a day-and-a-half-a-week, yeah, I guess it’s a part-time compared to what I usually run but, I’m an annual character on WWE television.”

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The Head of the Table has been a regular appearance at WWE TV Shows, PPVs and live events for the past 9 years barring a spell on the sidelines due to his leukemia, the first phase of COVID-19 pandemic, and a couple of major injuries.

“I think the main thing is when you’ve been on the road for almost ten years straight and someone who’s been at the highest level, the main event level, you know, I’ve ran a full schedule for a long time.”

Roman will be defending his title against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, which will be first PLE/PPV WWE event in UK in 30 years. It remains to be seen if the new creative team will keep a World champion with a part-time schedule.

Under Vince McMahon’s creative management, Brock Lesnar used to be a World Champion, while only appearing at big events to defend the title. It remains to be seen if Roman will also get the same luxury. Keep tuned in for more news and updates.

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