NJPW Announces Best of Super Juniors 29 Line Up with AEW & IMPACT Stars

NJPW Best of Super Junior 29 Line up
Credits – NJPW

NJPW has revealed the participants for Best of Super Junior 29 tournament during Wrestling Dontako 2022. Several wrestlers from AEW, IMPACT and other US promotions are announced as part of the line-up.

AEW’s Wheeler Yuta(current ROH Pure Champion) will return to NJPW programming with this year’s Best of Super Junior. Similarly, IMPACT’s Ace Austin, GCW regular Alex Zayne and NJPW of America’s Clark Connors and TJP will also return to Japan for the tournament.

The tournament will start on May 15, with the final taking place on June 3. Check here for the NJPW Schedule.

Last year’s winner Hiromu Takahashi and finalist YOH are also on the list of participants. Newly crowned Junior Heavyweight Champion Taihi Ishimori, former champions El Desperado and Rovbbbie Eagles are also be part of the tournament.

You can check the complete line-up below.

Block A

  1. Rysuke Taguchi
  2. YOH
  3. Clark Connors
  4. Hiromu Takahashi
  5. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  6. Ace Austin
  7. Alex Zayne
  8. Francesco Asera
  9. Taiji Ishimori
  10. SHO

Block B

  1. Master Wato
  2. Robbie Eagles
  3. Titan
  4. Bushi
  5. El Desparado
  6. DOUKI
  7. El Lindaman
  8. Wheeler Yuta
  9. TJP
  10. El Phantasmo

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