Nikki ASH Becomes on WWE RAW Women’s Champion on RAW 7/19

Nikki ASH Wins WWE RAW Women's Title
Credits – WWE

Nikki A.S.H.(Almost Super Hero) has become the new WWE RAW Women’s Champion on WWE RAW episode of 19 July 2021.

Nikki won the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder on the PPV this Sunday. With that win, she got a contract that awarded her a Women’s title match in the next year at the time and place of her choosing. However, Nikki cashed in the contract the next day and at the first opportunity that she got.

Charlotte Flair also won the RAW Women’s title at Money in the Bank PPV by defeating Rhea Ripley. Rhea demanded a rematch on RAW last night and her request was granted by WWE Officials Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce.

The match went on in the show’s main event and saw Flair willingly lose the bout via disqualification. Flair worked on Rhea’s bad knee throughout the match. However, Rhea hit her with her Riptide finisher during the final minutes of the match. Flair avoided the loss by putting her leg over the rope to break the pin.

After this, Flair tried to run away with her title. As Rhea followed her, Flair ran her down with the title belt, leading to a DQ call from the referee. After Flair goaded and celebrated retaining the title, Rhea attacked her once again.

Rhea ended up slamming Flair into the ring post and left her incapacitated. Just then, Nikki’s music hit and she ran out to cash in her MITB briefcase. After the bell rang for the match, Nikki hit a crossbody splash to get the pin and win the title.

The show was closed with the images of Nikki celebrating her big win with the crowd. This is Nikki’s first WWE Women’s title, and it comes within a month of introducing her new superhero-inspired character.

There have been some heartwarming reactions from WWE Universe on Nikki’s title win. Several current and former WWE superstars have taken to social media to share kind words and excitement over the turn of events.

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