Matt Hardy Explains Why “Broken” Gimmick Didn’t Work in AEW

Matt-Hardy aew 2021

AEW Superstar, Matt Hardy recently had a chat with Essentially Sports where he revealed why his “Broken” gimmick didn’t work in AEW. 

Matt Hardy entered the promotion with this very gimmick. However, at that time, the industry was dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. According to Matt, there was a lack of fans at that time, and hence one of his most praised gimmicks didn’t work out. 

Matt Hardy thinks that the Broken character is a fan-driven character, and it was really hard for it to work without fans in the arena. As a result, they decided to change the course and Matt Hardy became a more reality-based character. 

However, he still teased that since fans are back, he might bring back the Broken Matt again. He also responded positively by asking about whether there will be Broken Matt and Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) pairing in AEW or not. 

According to Matt, it would be fun and he also stated that it is a tag-team that was made in heaven. He was also asked about the longevity of he and his brother in the industry. Matt Hardy gave all the credit to luck because many people thought that they wouldn’t be able to walk by 40 due to their wrestling style.

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