IMPACT No Surrender 2022 Results- Moose vs Morrisey Live Updates

Welcome to the live coverage of IMPACT No Surrender 2022 for results and updates. The event airs from Alario Center in New Orleans, LA on February 19, 2022.

Two giants will clash over IMPACT World Championship as Moose defends against W. Morrisey. Knockouts Champion Mickie James will take on #1 contender Tasha Steelz. Deonna Purrazzo has announced an open challenge for either of her titles – ROH Women’s Championship or AAA Reina de Reinas Championship.

The most interesting match of all will be between Team IMPACT and Team Honor No More. Honor No More has to win this match if want to continue their stay in IMPACT. A rematch between Matt Cardona and Jordynne Grace is announced for the IMPACT Digital Media title. Cardona won that title two weeks back while he has become the NWA World Champion recently.

The Good Brothers will defend IMPACT Tag Team titles against Guerrillas of Destiny. Another Bullet Club member Jay White will be in action for a big singles match for the second night in a row as he takes on Eric Young. Jonah will take on Black Taurus in another singles match. Two matches are confirmed for the pre-show – Tenille Dashwood vs Havok and John Skyler vs Trey Miguel.

Join us for the live results and updates from IMPACT No Surrender 2022 event with winners and highlights.

You can also watch the live streaming on the embedded video at the top of this page or at this link.

Show – IMPACT No Surrender 2022
Date – February 19, 2021
Location – Aloria Center, New Orleans, LA, US
Time – 8 PM EST(Pre-show- 7:30 PM EST)

IMPACT No Surrender 2022 Results

  • Trey Miguel defeated John Skyler in a singles match via pinfall at Pre-show.
  • Havok(w/ Rosemary) defeated Tenille Dashwood(w/ Kaleb with a K) in a singles match via pinfall at Pre-show.
  • Jake Something defeated Ace Austin, Mike Bailey & Chris Bey in #1 Contender for Impact X Division Championship via pinfall.
  • Jonah defeated Black Taurus in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jay White defeated Eric Young in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Deonna Purrazo(c) defeated Miranda Alize via submission to retain ROH Women’s Championship.
  • Matt Cardona(c) defeated Jordynne Grace via disqualification to retain IMPACT Digital Media Championship.
  • The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)(c) defeated Guerrillas of Destiny (Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga) via pinfall to retain IMPACT World Tag Team Championship.
  • Mickie James(c) defeated Tasha Steelz via pinfall to retain IMPACT Knockouts Championship.
  • Moose(c) defeated W. Morrisey via pinfall to retain IMPACT World Championship.
  • Honor No More(Mike Bennett, Vincent, Kenny King, PCO & Matt Taven) defeated Team IMPACT(Steve Maclin, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin, Rhino & Rich Swann) via pinfall to keep their place in IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT No Surrender 2022 Live Updates

Pre-Show Updates

You can catch the pre-show for free in the youtube video above. The show is live now.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel has defeated John Skyler in the opening match.

Team IMPACT is pumped for the match against Honor No More, despite some bad blood between them.

Havok defeated Tenille Dashwood. Dashwood got distracted as the IInspiration called Kaleb on his phone. Havok hit a piledriver to get the pin.

Jake Something vs Ace Austin vs Mike Bailey vs Chris Bey –  #1 Contender for Impact X Division Championship

Austin chops at Jake and Jake hits back with a powerbomb. Bey knocks Bailey to the floor. Jake sends Bey to the mat now. Bailey comes back and hits machine gun kicks to Jake. Bailey sends Austin and Bey to the floor. Jake hits back at Bailey with a Thesz press. Jake suplexes Bailey on Bey and Austin on the floor. Jake hits all three opponents with a suicide dive.

Jake hits corner splash on Bey. Austin counters in the corner and hits a step-up enziguiri for a two-count. Austin hits some kicks and knees at Jake. Bey hits a Gamengiri at Jake before getting into the ring to knock Austin and Bailey with more kicks. Bey hits a suicide dive on Bailey. Austin catches him with a kick fomr the apron. Bailey ends up taking everyone with a moonsault.

Bailey hits a twisting kick on Austin. Jake drops Bailey on Austin. Bey hits Jake with poisonrana. Bey hits a splash on Austin and Bailey breaks the pin. Jake hits haymaker on Bailey. Jake hits spear on Bailey in the corner. Bailey and Austin hit double superkick on Jake to send him to the floor. Bey hits a springboard stunner on Bailey and Austin breaks the pin. Austin cuts off Bey on the apron. Jake hits Austin with a tilt-a-whirl Urinage and gets the pin.

Winner – Jake Something

We see Eric Young cut a pre-recorded promo where he says he is not some MMA wrestler or Football who came to wrestling after a failed stint. He claims he is the best overall performer in pro-wrestling today.

Jonah vs Black Taurus

They lock up. Jonah hits a slap at the chest and Taurus returns the favor. Jonah puts on an arm lock before Taurus hits him with knife edge chops. Taurus goes to tackle Jonah but he no-sells it. Jonah pushes him away in mid-air. Jonah clotheslines Taurus to the floor. Taurus slams Jonah into the ring post and then hits a suicide dive. Taurus hits a corkscrew dive next.

Back to the ring, Jonah stops a whip and drops Taurus on the top turnbuckle with a bench press. He tosses Taurus across the ring with a bench press. Jonah hits a headbutt before putting on a waistlock. Taurus hits back elbows and a headbutt. Jonah knocks him with a back elbow. Jonah whips him to the corner. Taurus hits a big boot in the corner and then hits a slingblade to bring Jonah down. Taurus with combo kicks. Jonah hits him with a corner splash.

Taurus hits a headbutt. Jonah hits a Thesz press. Taurus trips Jonah to the middle turnbuckle. Taurus hits a twisting senton for a two-count. Taurus hits another headbutt and puts Jonah on the top turnbuckle. Jonah drops him from the top and then hits a Thesz press. Jonah hits a powerbomb for a near fall. Jonah hits a clothesline and then hits splash from the top to get the pin.

Winner – Jonah

Jake Something was interviewed backstage when Trey Miguel comes in and praises him. Ace Austin comes in with Fulton and tells Something to face in the ring one on one. After some arguement, they agree to a tag team match.

Jay White vs Eric Young

They lock before White hits a shoulder tackle. Young hits back with a tackle of his own. They trade chops next. young unloads in the corner. He goes for a suplex but White stops it. Young hits more punches at body and face. White hits him with a back body drop. Young goes to the floor and White slams him into the apron. Back to the ring, Young counters an Irish whip to send White into the corner.

Young chokes White with the hangman’s nook. White comes out of it and runs over Young. White hits an European uppercut and a suplex. White goes for the Blade Runner but Young stops him. White hits more chops and works on him in the corner. Young comes back with a DDT after landing on his feet on a back body drop. Young with an elbow and a discus clothesline. Young hits a Death Valley Driver. He goes for his finisher but White quickly comes out of it. They trade chops to the chest.

Young is tripped on the top turnbuckle. White goes to meet him at the top but Young bites his head. Young hits an elbow drop from the top for a nearfall. White hits Urinage for a two-count. Young counters Blade Runner and White transitions to Saito suplex. Young gets on the apron and White drops him face-first there with a flatliner. White looks for a German suplex on the apron but Young counters. White stops Death Valley Driver on the apron before Young hits piledriver on the apron.

Young gets a two-count count after taking White to the ring. White counters with sunset flip for a two-count. Young tries to use the ropes for the pin but White kicks out. Back and forth action leads to half and half suplex from White. He hits Blade Runner to get the pin.

Winner – Jay White

Ace Austin tells Mike Bailey that Miguel and Something were talking trash about him and agrees him to partner him in the tag team match.

Deonna Purrazo(c) vs Miranda Alize – ROH Women’s Championship Match

Deonna Purrazo is in the ring. Miranda Alize answers her open challenge and chooses ROH title to challenge. Back and forth action to start. Miranda goes for crossface but Purrazo is quick to come out of it. Miranda hits a couple of dropkicks and then with armdrags. Miranda hits Purrazo with a headscissors. Purrazo goes to the floor and Miranda hits her with a suicide dive.

Purrazo hits a pump kick to take back control. Purrazo starts to work on Miranda. Purrazo puts on a surfboard like submission move. She lets it go after a while and drives her knees to Miranda’s back. Miranda gets a two-count with a crucifix. Purrazzo slows down the match with a big boot. Purrazo with chops in the corner. Alize fights back a kick to the midsection. She hits spike-rana and both women are down.

More chops from Purrazo on the ropes. Miranda hits a running boot in the corner. She goes for an armbar before Purrazo turns him inside out with a suplex. Miranda hits a ripcord knee before putting on the crossface. Purrazo rolls her over for a pin attempt. Miranda misses the shining wizard and Purrazo puts on an armbar to get the submission win.

Winner – Deonna Purrazzo

Eddie Edwards is down backstage after being attacked by someone.

Matt Cardona(c) vs Jordynne Grace – IMPACT Digital Media Championship

Grace starts with stiff shots. Cardona goes for a suplex but Grace counters. Grace puts on a sleeper shortly. Grace hits him a spinning elbow and a suplex. Cardona walks to the floor. Grace chases him up the ramp and hits him with chops. Cardona brings the referee in front of him and takes a shot at Grace behind the referee.

Cardona tries to use the ropes to his advantage and the referee shouts at him. Cardona slams Grace’s face into the turnbuckle. He sends Grace into the turnbuckle with a suplex. Grace hits him with a big boot and a diving lariat. Grace hits open palm strikes before hitting a spinebuster. Cardona hits a missile dropkick. He hits a reboot in the corner as the crowd starts to boo him. He hits another reboot to get a two-count.

Grace drops Cardona on the turnbuckles and hits double knee. He hits a big elbow and Cardona goes to the floor. Cardona gets a steel chair up and Grace hits a kick at the chair against Cardona’s face. She brings the chair inside the ring but the referee stops her from using it. Cardona takes advantage to run her over with a clothesline. Cardona shows middle finger to the crowd as he looks to use the steel chair. Grace hits him with a low blow and the referee calls for a disqualification.

Winner- Matt Cardona

After the match, Grace slams the chair on Cardona’s back. Cardona slips out of the ring and goes back.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)(c) vs Guerrillas of Destiny (Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga) – IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Tama Tonga and Karl Anderson start the match. Tama keeps the early advantage. Loa tags in and some double team from Good Brothers turn the tide. Gallows and Anderson beat up Loa on the floor. Anderson and Tama trade strikes in the ring. Tama hits a clothesline on Anderson. Loa tags in and keeps Anderson in the corner. Anderson rakes his eyes and tags in Gallows.

Gallows and Loa trade strikes. Gallows with an uppercut. Loa whips Gallows to the corner and hits back with his shots. Tama comes in and Gallows drops him with a twisting suplex. Good Brothers with quick tags to keep control over Tama. Tama fights back a jawbreaker and an enziguiri. But, Anderson tags in to stop him from tag. Tama hits a dropkick on Anderson and tags in Loa. Loa with quick moves on Anderson.

Anderson stops a powerslam before Loa hits him with a hip toss. G.O.D. hits double team neckbreaker on Anderson and Gallows breaks the pin. Anderson hits a suplex on Tama and tags in Gallows. Gallows also drops Tama with a neckbreaker for a two-count. Good Brothers goes for Magic Killer but Tama counters. All four men get involved in some quick action. Tama ends that sequence with double knees.

Anderson and Tama trade strikes. Tama hits a Death Valley driver and a splash on Anderson to get a two-count. GOD goes for Magic Killer on Anderson but Gallows stops it before Chris Bey distracts the referee. Loa goes to the floor to argue with Bey. Gallows hits Loa with a chokeslam on the floor. Tama was shouting at Bey as he pleads innocence. Jay White hits Tama with Blade Runner. Good Brothers hit Magic Killer on Tama to get the pin.

Winner – Good Brothers

After the match, Jey White and Chris Bey get into the ring and pose with Too Sweet. Good Brothers join them in the pose.

Mickie James(c) vs Tasha Steelz – IMPACT Knockouts Championship

They lock up to start the match and come to a stalemate. They lock up again and roll to the outside. Tasha rakes at James’ face. James get back to the ring and waits on Tasha to get into the ring. Show to strength for a while before James takes Tasha down with a snapmare takedown. James hits a kick to the face. Tasha sends her to the apron and knocks her off to the floor with a kick.

Tasha drops James on the floor. She works on James there for a while. James throws her back to the ring and she distracts the referee so that Savannah Evans could slam James into the ringpost. James is sent to the ring but Tasha could not keep control for long. James starts to come back but gets run over with a pump kick.

James bites on Tasha and starts a rally. James hits a low blow which is apparently legal in the women’s match. James hits Meteora from the top for a two-count. James kicks at Evans on the apron. Tasha hits cutter on James. Green attacks Evans on the floor. Tasha almost whips James into Green on the apron. Tasha gets distracted with Green and James hits her DDT finisher and gets the pin.

Winner – Mickie James

We get to know that Eddie Edwards will not be able to take part in the match tonight. Rich Swann has brought in Willie Mack to replace him.

Moose(c) vs W. Morrisey – IMPACT World Championship

They clash in the ring a couple of times before resorting to strikes. Both men unload rapidly on each other. They clash with clotheslines and both go down. Moose hits a spear and Morrisey quickly to the floor. Moose hits another spear on the floor. Moose brings him back but Morrisey avoids the second spear. Morrisey hits a powerbomb and Moose rolls out this time.

Morrisey whips Moose into the barricade. He does the same thing after breaking the referee’s count. Moose sends Morrisey through the table with an Urinage. Moose slams Morrisey into the apron. Morrisey attacks Moose from behind the cameraman. Morrisey goes for a powerbom but Moose counters with a flip. They start to trade chops and chest slaps in the corner. Moose hits a dropkick. Morrisey hits a clothesline.

They run the ropes and htis a spear. Morrisey gets his arm under the ropes to break the pin. Morrisey then hits DQE and Moose gets his leg under the ropes to break the pin. Moose puts Morrisey to the top and hits a superplex. Moose hits a spear to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Moose

Team IMPACT(Steve Maclin, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin, Rhino & Rich Swann) vs Honor No More(Mike Bennett, Vincent, Kenny King, PCO & Matt Taven) – For Honor No More’s Place in IMPACT Wrestling

A brawl breaks out as Vincent takes a cheap shot at someone in Team IMPACT. They are all brawling on the floor and the bell is not rung until now. Maclin and Bennett get in the ring to start the match. They trade chops. Bennett hits a shoulder tackle but Maclin get up right away and starts hitting chops once again. Bennett runs the ropes and Maclin cuts him off with a back elbow.

Sabin and Taven tag in. They go back and forth for a while. Sabin hits a couple of armdrags. Swann tags in and Taven kicks at his knee. Taven hits a roundhouse kick on Swann. Vincent tags in and hits double axe handle on Swann. Swann hits a dropkick on Taven. PCO tags in. Swann hits some quick kicks but PCO is no-selling them and drops Swann. Swann tags in Rhyno.

PCO hits chops on Rhyno. Rhyno fires back with his chops. More chips from PCO. Rhyno is getting hyped. They start trading clotheslines but none of them is going down. Rhyno finally drops PCO with a clothesline. Willie Mack tags in and PCO drops him. King tags in and Mack drops him. King comes back with quick moves before Mack hits him a hip toss. Mack hits a dropkick and a shoulder tackle. Swann tags in and hits an uppercut on King. Team IMPACT with frequent tags to keep King in their corner.

Team Honor then takes over Sabin. Sabin fights back and tags in Swann who takes out team Honor one by one. King hits a spinebuster on Swann to take control. Bennett hits a suplex on Swann. Taven drops Swann to the mat with falcon arrow and Mack breaks the pin. Vincent with a backdrop on Swann before dropkick. Sabin now breaks the pin. PCO hits a splash on Swann for a two-count. Swann sidesteps PCO at the ropes as he charges at him. PCO crashes to the floor.

Willie Mack tags in and hits clotheslines on Taven and Bennett. A running forearm on PCO before a hip attack. Swann hits a spinning neckbreaker on Bennett and Taven breaks the pin. Taven and Bennett take control over Mack and hits him with stunner/clothesline combo. Maclin breaks the pin. Maclin and Vincent go at it. Maclin hits a tackle while Vincent was in the tree of Woe. PCO hits Maclin with Urinage. So much is happening in the ring. Rhyno has come into the ring and King hits him with a leg drop. Maclin ends up taking out the referee. Everyone is on the floor now after suicide dives.

Team Honor takes out Swann and Mack with moves on the apron. More brawling on the floor. PCO takes out everyone with a moonsault. Rhyno and Bennett are in the ring now. Maria Kanellis get in the ring to protect Bennett. Eddie Edwards comes out with his kendo stick. He scares off Team Honor. He asks Rhyno to spear Maria but then hits him with kendo stick. Eddie starts hitting team IMPACT with kendo stick. He brings the referee into the ring as King covers Rhyno and complete the pin.

Winner – Honor No More

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