The Fiend Attacks During Seth Rollins-Braun Strowman Match

The Fiend Attacks Braun Strowman
The Fiend Attacks Braun Strowman during his match against Seth Rollins

The Fiend Bray Wyatt has once again made his mark on this week’s RAW as he attacked Braun Strowman during his match against Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins opened this week’s RAW episode and told us that he has never felt anything in the past 7 years like he felt last week when the Fiend was getting into his face. But he assured that he would do what he always does when his back is against the walls; he will fight back, just like he did against Brock Lesnar and just as he did against Braun Strowman at Clash of Champions.

This brought out Braun Strowman to the ring who was miffed over the mention of his name. Rollins tried to clear the air between them but Strowman did not listen. Rollins proceeded to challenge Strowman for a match. They face off at the main event of RAW where Strowman had Rollins at his mercy.

But just when Strowman was about to hit the power slam, lights went out, indicating the emergence of the Fiend. And he did appear in the ring as the spotlight went on him choking Strowman with the Mandible Claw. After a bit of struggle, the Fiend managed to pass out Strowman and proceeded to get into Rollins’ face. As the Universal Champion trembled with fear, he saw the Fiend once again choking Strowman with the Mandible Claw.

Bray Wyatt also appeared in the Firefly Fun House segment this week where he was seen resolving a conflict between Huskus the Pig Boy and Ramblin’ Rabbit over Seth Rollins’ action figure.

The Fiend will be facing Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship inside Hell in a Cell on 6 October 2019. But before that, Rollins will have to defend his title against Rey Mysterio at next week’s RAW season premiere.

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