Royal Rumble 2022: Edge & Beth Phoenix Defeated Miz & Maryse

Edge & beth Royal Rumble 2022

The Grit couple Edge & Beth Phoenix put up an impressive performance and defeated the It couple The Moz & Maryse at Royal Rumble 2022

There were a lot of shocking moments in the match and the most shocking ones among them were Beth Phoenix power bombing Miz and Maryse hitting a hurricanrana on Edge. 

It helped the Miz connect the Skull Crushing Finale but Edge kicked out of it. Maryse was trying to help her husband in hitting another Skull Crushing Finale but Beth Phoenix entered the ring and speared Maryse. 

Both Beth and Edge hit a double spear to Miz before the Grit couple hits the Glamazon Slam to the It couple to get the pinfall. 

At WWE Day 1, WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix made her return to even the odds for her husband Edge in a match against The Miz. Edge managed to win the match with the help of her wife. 

On Day 1 fallout edition of Raw, The Miz & Maryse talked trash about the Grit couple Edge & Beth Phoenix. The latter challenged Miz & Maryse for a mixed tag-team match. The Miz accepted Edge’s challenge. 

The couples took part in various segments over the past four weeks to build up the match. Maryse lured Phoenix into attacking him with a brick. This week, Edge and Phoenix crashed Maryse’s birthday party on RAW.

Now, this feud is finally over with the Grit couple standing over the It couple. 


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