Cody Rhodes Makes Big Announcement Before Full Gear

Cody Rhodes Make Big World Championship Announcement
Cody Rhodes Make Big World Championship Announcement

Cody Rhodes has declared that he will not challenge for AEW World Championship again if he loses to Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear 2019.

At AEW Full Gear 2019, Cody Rhodes will be challenging AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. Cody was chosen as the challenger since he had the best singles record in AEW apart from Jericho. The match is set for a 60 minutes time limit and in case of a tiebreaker, a panel of 3 judges will declare a definitive result.

Cody Rhodes earlier tweeted that he will make an important career announcement this week at AEW. At the show, Rhodes pointed out how Dusty was one of several wrestlers, apart from Cowboy Bill Watts and Eddie Graham, who doubled as both wrestlers and members of management in their promotions. And Cody finds himself in that same position as the AEW executive vice president.

Cody continued, “All of them were titans our business, they were the best bell-to-bell and they were the best at the box office. And for those who saw them with their own eyes, those memories reverberate in their hearts. It is a good feeling and it is positive. But for the cold and sterile historians in our business, there’s an air of controversy that surrounds it.”

“So when I hear the same criticisms attached to my name for being in management and being in a title match, I can’t (un)hear it,” Cody said. “And with that said, I am announcing that if I do not defeat Chris Jericho at Full Gear, I will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again.”

This stipulation does put another interesting touch to the match. Since the match at AEW Full Gear was his first title defense, Chris Jericho has been an overwhelming favorite to retain the title. But those odds will come down after such a big announcement from Cody.

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