Britt Baker wins first AEW Women’s Match at Double or Nothing

Dr. Britt Baker won AEW’s first Women’s match when she defeated Kylie Rae, Nyla Rose, and Awesome Kong in a fatal 4-way Match at Double or Nothing.

Britt Baker wins first AEW Women's, Britt Baker AEW Double or Nothing
Britt Baker wins first AEW Women’s

Earlier, The match was supposed to be a triple threat match between Baker, Rae, and Rose. However, Brandi Rhodes announced Awesome Kong to be included in the match which was met with a thunderous response from the crowd.

Match Description

Before things get going, Brandi Rhodes’ music and she heads out in her ring gear. Rhodes says she meant all three women had a shot at winning and she wanted a great match. But the problem is she wanted the match to be awesome, and outcomes Awesome Kong! Kong takes out all three women at first but eventually Rose and Kong is sent out of the ring so Rae and Baker go against each other.

Baker tries for a splash out on the floor on Kong, but is caught in midair. Rae with a suicide dive out on both opponents. Back in the ring, Rose and Rae go at it. Rose with a leg drop, cover, two. She looks for a chokeslam, Rae hammers away on Rose’s back, but eats a spinebuster. Baker and Rae get worked over by Rose with Kong still on the outside. Rose heads to the top rope, but Baker with an elbow and then heads up herself. Rae joins the fight and goes up, too. They try for a double suplex, but Awesome Kong comes over and sends all three women down to the mat.

Brandi cheers on Awesome Kong as she looks to beat up Baker out on the floor, spinning backfist to the face. Baker and Awesome Kong on the apron, she looks to powerbomb Baker, but she fights out it, superkick by Baker, another by Rae sending her to the floor and Rose with a spear into the steps. Rae and Baker are still in the ring, Baker with a roll-up. Rae with a big kick to the head. Baker recover with a swinging leg hook, pin, two. Rae with a nice deadlift german suplex on Baker, cover, two. Baker with a superkick, lifts and drops Rae’s face down on her knee with Ushigarushi to get the pin.

Winner- Dr. Britt Baker 

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