Bayley Turns on Sasha Banks on WWE SmackDown

The impending breakup of Bayley and Sasha Banks took place at WWE SmackDown this week as WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion turned on Sasha Banks.

The Golden Role Models got a rematch for WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship earlier tonight. They lost the titles to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax at Payback last Sunday. The result remained the same tonight also as Nia Jax finished off both Bayley and Banks with a second rope crossbody splash to get the win.

Earlier, Shayna Baszler was working on Sasha’s knees during the match. Post-match, the medical team was tending to Sasha for the knee injury but Sasha refused to get on the stretcher. Bayley first helped her to the ropes and then kicked her at the apron. She sent Sasha into the barricade before continuing with her assualt in the ring.

As if all the moves targeting Sasha’s knees were not enough, Bayley wrapped Sasha’s neck with a chair around and stomped on it to hurt her even more. Sasha was stretchered out later. Here are a few videos and tweets from the episode.

The split was teased ever since this year’s WrestleMania when Bayley’s intervention led to Sasha’s elimination from 5-way match for SmackDown Women’s title. Bayley and Sasha then won the Women’s Tag Team titles and Sasha also won RAW Women’s championship from Asuka at Extreme Rules.

Sasha Banks seemed upset with Bayley when Bayley failed to save her from tapping out to Asuka and lose her RAW Women’s title to Asuka at SummerSlam. At Payback, Bayley tapped out to Shayna Baszler which resulted in them losing the tag team titles also. The pair looked devastated with the lose at Payback and the loss on SmackDown seemed to have Bayley implode.

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