Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Signs New WWE Deal

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, the Good Brothers have reportedly signed with WWE on a new five-year deal.

The Club Reunion Reunited RAW 1 July 2019
AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Reunited the Heel Faction ‘the Club’ on WWE RAW episode of 1 July 2019

Until May, the Good Brothers were not signing the new deal offered to them from the company. But the things have changed since then as they are now paired with AJ Styles once again. The Club was reunited just earlier this week, after AJ Styles turn heel on RAW by attacking WWE United States Champion Ricochet.

On today’s Wrestler Observer Radio, it was reported that Gallows and Anderson have now signed a new deal with WWE for 5 more years. Dave Meltzer reported WWE is making bigger offers for the talent to resign than people think. They are among those talents and have signed for more than $500,000 per year.

Gallows and Anderson had previously turned down deals worth $500,000, so WWE obviously upped the ante to keep them around by offering even more money. Dave Melter also noted WWE isn’t looking to lose anybody right now, and it’s unlikely anyone will be fired, aside from disciplinary reasons.

AJ Styles, Anderson, and Gallows were earlier part of the Bullet Club before they joined WWE in early 2016. WWE began teasing the alliance between them in April 2016 when Anderson and Gallows attacked Styles’ opponent at the time, Roman Reigns.

After a brief feud with the Usos and Roman Reigns, Styles disbanded the Club but the alliance was back soon once Styles turned on John Cena. However, the faction could not have a long run as AJ Styles was drafted to SmackDown as part of WWE Draft 2016.

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