AJ Styles Reveals His Version On Travel Issue in Saudi Arabia

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WWE United States Champion AJ Styles has revealed details on WWE Wrestlers Travel Issues in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Apart from the 20 Superstars and Staff Members, around 175 persons of WWE’s staff were stuck for more than 24 hours extra in Saudi Arabia. WWE released a statement that the charter plane had some mechanical problem among other issues which led to this. AJ Styles was also among the WWE Superstars that were stuck in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

During his streaming on Mixer, AJ Styles gave a rundown of his version of the story in Riyadh on his Mixer. You can check the Mixer video here. According to Styles, they were not allowed to board on the plane when they reached Airport at 1 AM Local Time. The reason given was that the person who came to refuel the plane had left for home. Then there was some paperwork issue and they finally boarded after 4 or 5 hours. Then, they found out that the fuel pipe or some other part of the plane was broken.

Styles stressed that it is indeed the case since he has talked directly to the Pilots of the plane in the 14 hours flight coming back home. One of the Pilots came out during his break and Styles and other WWE members had a chat with him, and the Pilot said that there was actually a problem.

Styles explained that they were not able to board on the plane til 6 or 8 in the morning because then the pilots and crew were timed out. Therefore, they had to find a hotel and as did the Pilots and airline crew. Styles was very clear that it was never the case that they were threatened. And he is hoping that they can leave this fiasco behind.

So, basically AJ has gone with WWE’s story of the mechanical failure with some variations. But there are many WWE Superstars who are not happy with WWE after this incident and have vented their frustrations over social media. All of them looking for clear answers from WWE over the whole fiasco. AJ Styles said he is not in a rush, he wants to make sure he himself has all the facts together before reacting to any of those reports. But he has also assured that if needed, he will go to the depth of the story.

“I’ll deal with it when I need to, but I’m not going to throw WWE under the bus, that’s not how I work. I am a guy who’s committed to making the best product that I can and it is not going to do me any good to throw good people under the bus. There are a lot of good people that work for WWE, and I will not make them look bad. There are a lot of people that were on that plane with me. Until I know more I’m not going to say anything. And if I did find out, and I was offended, I will go to the source, believe me on that one.”

The reports over the internet are claiming that the plane was stopped by Suadi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. It was in retaliation to Vince McMahon cutting off the Saudi Arabia telecast feed for Crown Jewel 2019. Saudi Government apparently did not pay WWE for the previous events in Saudi Arabia. And McMahon decided to cut off the feed until the amount is paid.

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