AEW Rampage Results November 19, 2021 Live Blog

AEW Rampage 19 November 2021
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the ITN’s live results blog for the AEW Rampage episode of November 19, 2021(11/19/2021) which will be a pre-taped show from Norfolk, VA.

This week’s Rampage will see Darby Allin start a new chapter in his AEW career as he faces Billy Gunn in a singles match. TBS Women’s Tournament will continue with the second quarterfinal match between Red Velvet and Jade Cargill.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus will have another encounter with Adam Cole as he teams up with former stablemate Bobby Fish. More segments are expected to fill in during the enthralling show in between.

AEW Rampage November 19, 2021 Results

  • Darby Allin defeated Billy Gunn in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jade Cargill defeated Red Velvet in TBS Women’s Tournament Quaterfinal match via pinfall.
  • Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) defeated Adam Cole & Bobby Fish in a tag team match via submission.

Live Updates

Darby Allin vs Billy Gunn

Gunn puts Darby on the top in a mocking fashion. The crowd hypes Darby as they lock up. Gunn just tosses him aside. Gunn invites him for a show of strength. Allin kicks at his face. Gunn hits a back body drop, sending Darby high in the air. Darby rolls to the ramp. Gunn goes to the floor and tosses Darby down the ramp.

Gunn has a staredown with Sting. Allin is thrown back to the ring and gunn stomps on him. He pulls Allin out and slams him to the floor. Allin goes for a suicide dive but Gunn moves aside to send him into the barricade. We cut to a break.

Gunn puts Allin on the top. Allin fights back and bites Gunn’s ears. He hits Coffin drop on Austin and Colton on the floor. Gunn brings him back and tosses him across the ring. Gunn misses the splash in the corner. Allin hits a stunner and code red and then Coffin drop but Gunn breaks the pin. Allin hits another Coffin drop and gets the pin this time.

Winner – Darby Allin

Colton and Austin attacks Sting and Darby after the match. Sting sends them out of the ring before Billy Gunn takes out Sting’s knee and punches him a few times.

We see the recap of CM Punk confronting MJF. QT Marshall is backstage with Tony Schiavone and challenges CM Punk for a match at Dynamite next week.

Chris Jericho is saying that he is proud of Inner Circle. Men of the Year – Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page get a pre-recorded promo. They ask if they are proud of pinning Dan Lambert. They warn Inner Circle that their rivalry is far from over.

Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill – TBS Women’s Tournament Quaterfinal

Red Velvet starts a flurry of punches. Cargill picks her up and throws her into the corner. Velvet ducks her in the corner. Back and forth action before Cargill throws her with a fallaway slam. Cargill stomps on Velvet. Cargill hits a gutwrench powerbomb. Velvet hits a leg lariat which sends Cargill to the floor. Cargill cuts off the suicide dive and slaps Velvet hard. Cargill hits a chokeslam on the apron. We cut to a break.

Cargill tosses Velvet in the corner. Velvet counters with back elbows and hits her with bulldog. She hits double knees in the corner. Cargill hits back with a pump kick. Velvet counters the jaded and gets a near fall. She hits a spear for another near fall. Cargill avoids leg scissors and hits the Jaded to get the win.

Winner – Jade Cargill

Thunder Rosa cuts a promo against Jammie Hayter, whom she will be facing at Dynamite in TBS Women’s Championship Tournament.

CM Punk replies to QT Marshall and says Marshall has brought in high stakes in Chicago. He asks Marshall to bring in his teammates because the stakes are so high.

Jurassic Express(Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs Adam Cole & Bobby Fish

Jungle Boy hits a lariat as we return from the break. Cole tags in but JB avoids his attack. Luchasaurus tags in and attacks both opponents with a flurry of attack. Cole and Fish are brought down with a double clothesline. JB comes in for a double-team neckbreaker on Cole.

JB goes for a suplex on Cole but Fish comes in to attack him in tandem. 1-2 kicks on Luchasaurus drops him on the floor. Cole and Fish hits suplex and a kick combo. JB sends Fish to the floor. JB counters the superkick from Cole and hits a tackle. Cole cuts him off with another superkick. He goes for the Panama Sunrise but Luchasaurus comes in to hit him with a powerbomb.

Fish breaks the pin. Fish tags in attacks JB’s leg. JB counters with an overhead suplex. The Young Bucks come down the ramp and get into an argument with Luchasaurus. Christian runs down with a chair and forces them to run away. Cole also runs away. Jungle Boy puts on the snear trap on Fish to get the submission.

Winner – Jurassic Express

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