AEW Fight for the Fallen 2019 Live Results & Updates

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Kenny Omega defeated CIMA

CIMA getting the best of Omega early on, multiple arm-drags and lands a double stomp on Omega. Omega hits some chops on CIMA and CIMA counters with a submission hold. Omega manages to get to the ropes. He hits some punches and then some more chops, followed by a Big Boot and a Back Suplex. He hits CIMA with a DDT before CIMA reverses the Perfect Driver and hits it himself to get a near fall.

Omega hits a Running Knee to CIMA in the corner. He puts him on the top rope and goes for the Avalanche Dragon Suplex. But CIMA reverses into a Powerbomb. CIMA went for the Meteora but Omega moved out of the way. Omega hits him on the leg and starts working his knees. Omega picks CIMA up and hits the Kamikaze. He goes for the Springboard Moonsault, but CIMA counters.

CIMA starts chopping at Omega, but Omega blocked him and follows with a Snapdragon. Omega misses the One-Winged Angel and CIMA hits a backstabber. Omega dumps CIMA knee-first onto the apron. He tries to put CIMA into the timekeeper’s table, but CIMA reverses and hits the Snap Suplex. CIMA puts Omega on the table and jumps knees-first into the table.

CIMA goes to the top rope and hits a Meteora on the back of Omega’s head and then another Meteora but he could only get two. CIMA goes to the top rope, but Omega counters CIMA’s Meteora and then hits a V-Trigger. This time Omega gets the near fall. Omega goes for the One-Winged Angel, but CIMA reverses it to a DDT. CIMA hits some slaps but Omega counters with a knee. He tries for a Tiger Driver, but CIMA reverses and hits the Meteora once more. One more Meteora. CIMA with the air-raid crash and hits one more Meteora.

He gets the pin but Omega’s leg is at the rope. They start exchanging slaps in the middle of the ring. CIMA hits a Roundhouse Kick and a Drop Kick, but Omega hits the V-Trigger and the Tiger driver. CIMA kicks out of the pin and Omega once again hits the V-Trigger and One-Winged Angel to get the win finally.

Chris Jericho on Mic

Chris Jericho heads out to the ring and takes the mic. Jericho says he’s looking at the blood from Adam Page that’s still on his hand. Jericho says he still wants his “thank you,” and not from the fans. He starts ripping on the city’s name and soaks in the boos. Jericho says he’ll get his thank you by beating everyone in AEW, starting with Page.

Jericho says if he wasn’t here, the fans wouldn’t be here, they’d be turning in cans for change. He says the TNT deal is due to him. Jericho says he watched the battle royal to see who he would eventually face and it ended up being Page. Jericho says he’s one of the best performers he’s seen in years, he stays up at night worrying about this match because if he wins, it’s just another notch in his belt. But if he loses, it will be the beginning of the end for AEW and Jericho’s career.

Page charges the ring and takes down Jericho. Officials and referees try to pull them away from each other and Page takes out some of the officials. Now some wrestlers have come out to stop things. Jericho ends up out on the floor and makes his way to the stage. Avalon is out there and the crowd is “shushing” as Jericho heads backstage. Page is still pissed off as he makes his way to the back.

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