AEW Dynamite Results- November 24, 2021- Live Blog

AEW Dynamite November 24 2021 Results
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Welcome to the live results blog for the AEW Dynamite episode of November 24, 2021, which will also feature updates, winners and highlights from the show.

This is going to be the thanksgiving special episode of AEW Dynamite. Airing from Sears Center(Now Arena) in Chicago, the card will feature several hometown talents. The first name on the list is CM Punk, who will take on QT Marshall. Colt Cabana will face Daniel Bryan in another singles match.

TBS Women’s Championship tournament will continue with Jamie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa match. Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle will take on Andrade, Malakai Black & FTR.

AEW Dynamite November 24, 2021 Results

  • CM Punk defeated QT Marshall in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Gunn Club(Billy Gunn & Colton Gunn) defeated Bear Country(Bronson & Boulder) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Thunder Rosa defeated Jamie Hayter in TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Quaterfinal via pinfall.
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Colt Cabana in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Andrade, Malakai Black, Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood defeated Cody Rhodes, PAC, Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix in a tag team match via pinfall.

Live Updates

CM Punk & MJF

CM Punk comes out for his match. But before his opponent enters, MJF comes out. MJF says he hurt his feeling last week when he extended his hand. He brings up pipebomb moment and says while it was Punk’s best moment, but every MJF’s moment is the best. MJF continues to take shots on Punk being Straight Edge, his UFC career and other things.

Punk takes the mic and says he is so dissappointed in MJF. He says he always thought MJF stands for My Jealous Fan. He adds that he never took his name in media and it was by design. And he shut up MJF without saying a word last week. Punk calls him a less famous Miz.

MJF replies that Punk is just nostalgia. He thought he was the best but he has struggled to beat the easiest of competition and has not said anything significant. MJF says he has gone soft, his hair is going gray, and if someone needs to go to sleep is Punk. MJF adds that Punk has gone PG and he comes out here and teaches Hustle, Loyalty & Respect. MJF wonders if Punk was sitting on his couch for 7 years since he could not hang in the ring. MJF says Punk hates him because he is every single thing he hated in pro wrestling. MJF mentions that Punk was not able to stand up against Cena and Triple H and he will not stand up against him. Because Punk may be the best in the world, but he is better than Punk.

Punk says he may have been scared earlier, but he is not scared anymore. He mocks MJF for his song and dance sequence with Jericho last year and says how he made it to New York Times. But next time he makes NYT, it will be his obituary. Punk says MJF has not been AEW’s four pillars and has been replaced by Britt Baker. Punk says Chicago is called the second city because it was built back after getting burned to the ground. Punk asks him to fight and MJF removes his coat. But he slides out of the ring right away.

CM Punk vs QT Marshall

Marshall was already in the ring as we return. Punk starts with a shoulder tackle. Solow picks Punk’s leg for QT to take a shot. Punk hits back with a trio of body slams. He goes and hits another body slam and gets a two-count. Solow and Comrato are booted to back by the referee.

Punk hits another body slam. QT goes to unload in the corner but Punk comes back with a running elbow and goes to unload in the corner. QT comes back with a side headlock takedown. Punk hits elbows to the ribs and sends Marshall to the floor. Punk hits a clothesline from the floor to take us to a break.

Marshall hits Liger bomb as we return as gets a two-count. Marshall was toying with Punk and eats a roundhouse kick for this. Punk fires back with punches, neckbreaker, clothesline and goes to the top to hit an elbow drop. Punk hits GTS for the win.

Winner – CM Punk

Eddie Kingston is addressing Jon Moxley and wishing him well. 2Point0 comes up and says Eddie is not hungry anymore. They keep mocking him and Daniel Garcia throws coffee in his face. A brawl starts which is quickly killed off by the crew.

Gunn Club(Billy Gunn & Colton Gunn) vs Bear Country(Bronson & Boulder)

Gunn Club attack before the bell. Bear Country counters the whip from the corner. Gunn Club duo are thrown out. On the floor, Boulder is thrown into the steel steps. Bronson goes against Colton in the ring. He was running the ropes when Austin picks his leg from the floor. Colton hits a swinging neckbreaker to get the pin.

Winner – Gunn Club

Sting comes out to the stage. Austin charges at him but Darby Allin cuts him off with a running tackle. Sting and Allin hit the ring and Gunn Club leaves.

AEW announces Battle of the Belt Saturday Night TNT Special on January 8.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are backstage and claim that they are best friends. Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta roll up. Taylor argue that they are the real Best Friends. Cole says he has not seen Trent around in a while and Cassidy and Yuta are terrible friends. The argument continues and they will settle it in the ring later.

Team Taz are backstage with Dante Martin & Lio Rush for contract agreement. Taz wonders why does Rush is having a copy of the contract. Rush replies that anything that has to do with Martin has to go through him. Martin goes and signs the contract and Rush is shocked. Martin leaves with Team Taz as Rush still tries to digest what just happened.

Jamie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa – TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Quaterfinal

They lock up as the bell rings. They trade takedowns while still in the lock up. Hayter takes her to the floor. Rosa is whipped to the barricade. Hayter slams him into the apron. More back and forth action as they return to the ring.

Rosa unloads with body shots before Hayter hits a back elbow and a kick to the kidney. Rosa drops her on the ropes and hits a dropkick to the spine. Rosa throws Hayter into the barricade a few times and then hits her with a suicide dive. Hayter catches her crossbody and slams her into the ringpost. We cut to a break.

Hayter is putting Rosa on the top as we return. Rosa drops her and hits a missile dropkick. A clothesline, double knees and a dropkick in the corner by Rosa to get a near fall. Hayter hits a backbreaker and then puts on a chin lock. Rosa goes for a Russian leg sweep but Hayter stops it. They trade strikes. Rosa hits side Russian leg sweep and then puts on the Cattle mutilation.

Britt Baker distracts the referee and Rebel breaks the lock. Rebel goes for a superkick on Rosa but catches Hayter with it. Rosa throws Rebel into Baker and then hits her finisher on Hayter to get the win.

Winner – Thunder Rosa

After the match, Rosa celebrates and leaves quickly. Baker & Rebel check on Hayter and try to apologize to her. Hayter is miffed at them and leaves without them.

Chris Jericho was having an interview when 2PointO and Daniel Garcia roll up bragging about throwing coffee in Eddie’s face. Jericho advises them to go pick up some steel chains and baseball bats to protect themselves when Eddie kicks down their door. Jericho continues to mock them until they leave.

Britt Baker is having her Thanksgiving dinner. She says Thanksgiving has not gone well until now, but she still have her AEW Women’s title with her. Tony Schiavone shows her a video where Riho was not eliminated from Casino Battle Royal. Tony Khan has booked a match for Black Friday Rampage and if Riho beats Baker, she will have title shot later.

Daneil Bryan vs Colt Cabana

They start with some grappling. Bryan drops him with a back body drop and was going for an armbar, but Cabana quickly gets to the ropes. Cabana tries a submission but Bryan gets out of it quickly and lands kicks and chops. Cabana fires back with his own chops. Bryan tries to get the crowd going but they boo him instead.

Cabana misses an elbow drop. Bryan hits a German suplex, running dropkick and follows with kicks and chops in the corner. Cabana drops him from the top and hits a moonsault. Bryan sweeps him to the mat and stomps on his face. Bryan puts on the labell lock for the win.

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan gets interviewed in the ring after the break. He shows off Cabana’s broken tooth and get more boos. He goes on to challenge Dark Order members from Atlanta to face his next week as Dynamite is going there. Bryan says this will all lead ultimately to Adam Page. Page comes out and tells Bryan that this headkicking will end tonight and offers a title match. Bryan says he has already wrestled a match. Page says he will not without a fight and offers Byran to take a shot at him. Bryan hits a punch to start a brawl. Page looks for Buckshot lariat but Bryan rolls out of the ring.

Cody Rhodes, PAC, Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix vs Andrade, Malakai Black, Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood

After initial back and forth, Cody hits a powerslam on Dax. PAC tags in and drops Dash with clotheslines and double ax handle. Cash tags in but PAC avoids an elbow drop. Penta comes in and hits a dropkick on Wheeler. Penta hits a chop before Andrade tags in. He beats up Penta in the corner. Fenix comes in and hits a big boot to the face from the apron. He follows with a hurricanrana and a dropkick.

Death Triangle triple kick Andrade and then hits triple basement kicks. Cody tags in and Andrade takes him to his corner. Black tags in and hits a suplex, but Rhodes get away to tag in Fenix. Fenix hits double cutter on FTR. He hits huricanrana on Andrade and then hits a roundhouse kick to Black. Cash Wheeler tires to take his mask off. He goes for a 619 but misses. Penta and Andrade tag in. Penta hits a big backstabber to get a two-count.

PAC comes in and takes on all the opponents one by one. Everyone starts to get involved with big moves on each other. Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson get into the ring. Jose comes up in and gets punched by Blanchard and Anderson. FTR comes in and gets taken down by Fenix. FTR sends Lucha Brothers to the floor. PAC goes to the top but Black hits him with black mist. Andrade hits a hammerlock DDT on PAC. Black keeps Rhodes out with a kick off the apron. Andrade gets the pin on PAC.

Winner – Andrade, Malakai Black, Cash Wheeler & Dash Harwood

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