AEW Dynamite Live Results August 31, 2022- All Out Go-Home

AEW Dynamite 31 August 2022
Image Credits – AEW

Welcome to AEW Dynamite Live Results blog for August 31, 2022 episode which will be the go-home episode for All Out 2022 PPV.

The highlight of the night will be what Jon Moxley had to say related to his AEW World Championship match at All Out. We might come to know who will be Moxley’s opponent after all. Bryan Danielson will have to deal with Jake Hager just before the PPV match against Chris Jericho.

The first semifinal match for AEW Trios Championship tournament will feature The Elites(Kenny Omega & Young Bucks) and United Empire(Will Ospreay & Aussie Open). Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm will take on Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. More build-up for the PPV is expected on tonight’s Dynamite.

Check below as we post quick results from AEW Dynamite August 31, 2022 episode with live updates, winners, highlights, videos and more.

AEW Dynamite August 31, 2022 Quick Results

  • Bryan Danielson defeated Jake Hager in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm defeated Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Wardlow, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood defeated Ren Jones, Silas Young, & “Ice Pick” Vic Capri in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Wheeler Yuta defeated Rush, Dante Martin & Rey Fenix in a fatal 4-way match via pinfall.
  • The Elites(Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated United Empire(Will Ospreay, Kyle Fletcher & Steve Davis) in AEW Trios World Championship Semifinal via pinfall.

Live Updates

Who will Fight Moxley at All Out?

Jon Moxley comes out through the crowd to open the show. Moxley takes a shot at Punk and says he is still mopping in Cleveland. He says he had 57 minutes left in him, but Punk did not. He pushes and tests anyone who comes into the ring with him. Punk knew what was coming to his way, and he folded with an excuse of an injury. Mox says he is very sorry that Punk did not turn out to be what we expected of him when he got the second chance, and he has zero sympathy for him. He says Punk has a fragile body, fragile spirit, weak soul, weak mind.

Mox says he has an open contract with him for a match at All Out and anyone can sign it and find out what they are made of. Anyone from AEW or outside is welcome. He throws the contract in the middle of the ring. He continues to hype himself for a while. “Wrestling Jon Moxley may be hazardous to you health,” says Moxley. His music hits as he closes the segment. Ace Steel, a backstage producer currently, comes out and picks the contract up after Moxley has left the ring.

Chris Jericho is backstage for an interview and says Bryan Danielson is a dream match for him, but not for him. Jericho says Stu Hart and Owen Hart would have been proud of him for what he has done for the wrestling business, and they will be prouder when he beats Bryan at All Out. Daniel Garcia comes in and apologizes to Jericho for being immature. He pledges his loyalty to JAS and goes on to tell Jericho that he does not need to cheat to beat Bryan, but just be the best version of himself. Jericho agrees to it, but says until the match, everything is fair.

Jake Hager vs Bryan Danielson

Bryan hits a calf kick. He picks Hager’s leg but Hager takes him to the corner and hits big body shots. Hager tosses Bryan across the ring. Bryan hits a big boot and goes for a guillotine. Hager overpowers him. Bryan sends him to the floor and hits a Tope Suicida. Bryan goes for another dive but Hager catches him and sends him through a table. Hager then slams Bryan into the ring post next, and then hits him with a suplex on the floor. Hager goes for a knee bar in the ring. He continues to be in control as we cut to a break.

They are on the top rope with Hager unloading on Bryan with big shots. Hager comes down and Bryan hits him with a missile dropkick. Bryan hulks up now. Bryan ducks Hager’s swings and hits calf kicks, body shots before some It Kicks. Hammer elbows from Bryan is reversed. Hager unloads in ground and pound. Bryan counters with an arm triangle. Hager hits a powerbomb for a two-count. Bryan goes for Labell lock. Hager counters with an ankle lock. Bryan counters again with Labell lock but Hager reaches the ropes to break it.

Bryan hits big chops in the corner. He hits a running knee before Hager cuts him with an Urinage. Bryan goes for a choke but Hager comes out of it immediately. Bryan hits Busaiku knee to get the pin.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

After the bell, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker run out to attack Bryan. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta run out to even the odds. They brawl with 2.0 and take them backstage. Jericho sneaks into the ring with a steel chair but Daniel Garcia stops him from using it. Bryan hits Jericho with Busaiku Knee. Garcia could only watch it from ringside with his hands on his head.

The Wingmen are in the ring and take offense on not being booked on Dynamite once again. W. Morrisey comes out to the ring and takes them out one by one. Stokeley Hathaway comes out down the ramp. Morrisey continues to beat up The Wingmen. Stokeley is on the apron now as Morrisey hits Peter Avalon with a chokeslam. Stokeley comes into the ring and offers Morrisey his card. Morrisey takes the card and nods in agreement. They leave together. Tony Schiavone stops Stokeley for an interview on the ramp and asks him what his card is about. Stokeley says its none of Tony’s business and grabs his collar. Tony replies that this is a TV show and it is his business. Stokeley and Morrisey intimidate Tony before leaving.

Don Callis interrupts Will Ospreay’s interview in the locker room. Callis says Ospreay is wrongly compared as a new Kenny Omega when he is his own man. Ospreay tells him go away as he has a match later tonight. Callis leaves.

Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm

Hayter hits shoulder tackles on Shida to start. Shida hits a headscissors to counter. Storm tags in and kicks at Hayter in the corner. Shida hits a double ax handle on Hayter’s spine. Storm does the same next. Hayter counters Storm with a jawbreaker. Baker tags in and Storm trips him with a drop toe hold. Storm is in control as she takes care of both Hayter and Baker. Rebel trips Storm from the floor and Baker jumps on the advantage to take control. We cut to a break.

Storm hits an avalanche air raid crash on Baker. Shida and Hayter tag in and Shida comes in hot with quick moves. Baker breaks the pin on Hayter after Shida hits a Meteora from the top. Hayter hits a double suplex on her opponents. Baker tags in and hits a corkscrew neckbreaker to get a near fall. Some back and forth between Baker and Hayter. Baker misses the curbstomper before she nails an elbow. Shida takes a big shot at her from behind. Shida trips Hayter from the apron. Storm hits a hip attack on Baker in the corner. Shida nails Baker with the Katana kick to get the pin.

Winner – Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm

We get a video package from Kip Sabian where he says most thought out plans can’t work sometime. AEW All-Atlantic Champion PAC is also in the promo and he is set to defend the title against Sabian.

After the break, we get a video package from Miro, Darby Allin and Sting against House of Black.

CM Punk is Injured?

CM Punk comes out to the ring now. He talks about injuring his foot on June 1 and working a match through it. He got surgery on June 8. Punk says he made a mistake by coming back early. He says his foot was 100% as his x-rays were fine and he got cleared by the doctor. Punk now wonders if his 100% is good enough now. He says he loves pro wrestling and the fans love him back. He laments for letting the fans down, not being able to walk his dog and letting him down, and letting his sister down.

Ace Steel comes out and tells Punk that this is not what they talked about. Being Punk’s coach from day 1, he starts to motivate Punk. Steel hands Punk the contract and tells him to sign it. Punk hypes up and starts talking again. He gets in to the crowd as he gets hyped some more. He signs the contract.

We get a back-and-forth interview between Jungle Boy and Christian Cage with Jim Ross.

Wardlow, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood vs Ren Jones, Silas Young, & “Ice Pick” Vic Capri

Jones starts with a shot at Wardlow. Wardlow hits back with a lariat. Wheeler tags in and hits a snap suplex. Harwood comes in and takes Jones to the corner. Jones turns it around in the corner and tags in his partner. Harwood drops him with a clothesline. FTR hits Big Rig before Wardlow comes in to hit a powerbomb. FTR clear the other two opponents and join Wardlow to hit a triple powerbomb to get the pin.

Winner – Wardlow, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood

Jon Moxley comes out to the ring again. He says if Punk wants it, then they will fight at All Out again. And Punk should find his one last miracle fast because he is ready to take his head off the minute bell rings.

Evil Uno tells us backstage that Preston ’10’ Vance is injured and he will replace him in the Trios tournament. Andrade El Idolo comes in with his assistant and offers a job to Uno and 10. Uno refuses his offer saying that they are Dark Order through and through. Andrade attacks Uno with 10’s crutch. His assistant uses an electric tag to stun 10.

Dante Martin vs Wheeler Yuta vs Rush vs Rey Fenix – Fatal 4-way Match

The action begins with a quick brawl. Rush hits a suplex to send Yuta to the floor. Dante hits a crossbody on Rush. Fenix comes in and Dante hits him with a sunset flip. Fenix hits a hurricanrana on Dante. He hits a tope con hilo on Rush on the floor. Yuta hits a suicide dive on Fenix. Dante Martin also hits a dive on the other three. Rush counters with a tackle when Martin jumps on him from the top ropes. Rush hits a senton dive on the other three opponents.

Dante hits a German suplex on Rey. Yuta hits a dropkick on Dante. Rush hits a piledriver on Yuta. Rey hits a kick to Rush. Dante brings Rey down for a two-count. Rey hits a powerbomb on Dante to get a two-count. Rey then hits a spinning heel kick on Rush to send him back to the floor. Dante hits poison rana on Rey. Yuta trips Dante from the top. Rey hits a dive on Rush on the floor. Yuta and Dante go back and forth until Yuta gets a pin with a maneuver.

Winner – Wheeler Yuta

Tony Schiavone is with Alex Reynolds and John Silver backstage and asks them who will be their partner now after injuries to Evil Uno and “10”. They reply that this is their biggest opportunity so far and they are ready to take on three guys by themselves to cash it in. Adam Page comes in and tells them that he wanted this moment to be their chance to shine, but he is theirs if others can’t do it.

The Elites(Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs United Empire(Will Ospreay, Kyle Fletcher & Steve Davis) AEW Trios World Championship Semifinal

Ospreay and Omega start the match. They collide when Omega goes for a shoulder tackle. They trade shots before trading chops. Ospreay takes Omega to the corner and kicks at him. The Young Bucks come in to save Omega. Aussie Open also come in and Bucks low bridge them to send them to the floor. Omega hits Ospreay with chops. Ospreay clotheslines him to the floor. Bucks hits him with assisted hurricanrana. Bucks jump on Aussie Open but they catch the Bucks and slam them into Omega. Ospreay hits a corkscrew moonsault on all three opponents. The brawling continues on the ramp as we cut to a break.

Davis clotheslines the Bucks as we return. He then slam them to the mat together. Fletcher comes in and hits an assisted cutter on Matt. Omega breaks the pin. Matt fights back with a hurricanrana on Davis and driving Ospreay to the mat. Omega tags in and hits a double ax handle, hits a low dropkick and a bulldog to get a two-count. Omega hits snap dragon suplexes on Aussie Open. Ospreay hands onto the ropes when Omega tries to throw him out. Ospreay hits a heel kick on Omega and then drops him with a hurricanrana. Omega goes to the floor and catches Ospreay with a dragon suplex when Ospreay goes for a dive.

Omega goes to the top but Fletcher catches him with a gamengiri. Aussie Open hit him with delayed vertical superplex. Matt breaks the pin. Ospreay tears apart Omega’s compression shirt and shows Omega taped up on shoulder and abdomen. Ospreay hits a backbreaker on his knees to get a two-count before we go to a break.

Matt tags in and hits hurricanrana on Ospreay. More quick moves on Aussie Open and then hits a double facebuster before DDT on Ospreay on the floor. Matt goes to the top but Ospreay gets his knees up on a senton. Ospreay hits a snap dragon suplex to tease Omega. Omega gets in and starts brawling with Ospreay. Omega avoids a dropkick and an enzuigiri. Ospreay ends up hitting a liger bomb. Aussie Open come in but Nick counters their triple team. Matt tags in and hits knee strikes on Fletcher before Omega hits a powerbomb. A triple superkick on Fletcher and Davis comes in to break the pin. Nick hits a dive on Davis on the floor.

Ospreay hits Oscutter on Nick. Fletcher turns over the Piledriver and Oscutter jumps in to assist to hit Page on Matt. Matt kicks out of a near fall. Oscutter gets ready for hidden blade but Matt stops him. Omega hits knee strike on Oscutter. Nick hits superkicks on Fletcher. A triple superkick on Fletcher from the Elites. Ospreay returns to the ring to coutner v-trigger. Bucks hit him with double superkick. Ospreay is dropped by assisted piledriver from Omega and The Bucks. Omega hits v-trigger and One Winged Angel to get the pin.

Winner – The Elites

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