24/7 Championship Changed Hands 9 Times at RAW Reunion Show

The 24/7 Championship took a fun-filled journey at RAW Reunion episode on 22 July 2019 as it changed hands 9 times during the course of the show.

Candice Michele 247 Championship 22 July RAW Reunion
The Referee Melina helps Candice Michele 24/7 Championship on 22 July 2019 RAW Reunion episode

The night started with R-Truth as the 24/7 champion which she won back from Drake Maverick last week. As Truth and Carmella were in an interview when Reene Michelle interrupted them. Maverick took advantage of the distraction to roll-up Truth and win the Championship.

After a few minutes, Maverick was mortified by Bogeyman in the locker room and Patt Peterson pinned him opportunistically. Next, it was Gerald Briscoe who pinned Peterson to take the title away. Soon, we got the first women’s 24/7 Champion as Kelly Kelly kicked Briscoe in the nuts and pinned him.

As Kelly went to show the championship title to Melina, Candice Michelle, and Naomi, Melina revealed that she has received her referee license. Michelle took the opportunity to roll up Kelly as Melina counted to three. Michelle could not even celebrate her win properly when Alundra Blayze/Madusa choked her up to win the title.

While leaving the scene, Madusa told that she will not be the champion for long and we got to see why. Madusa moved to the commentary table and was about to recreate her famous moment when she threw the Women’s Championship in the trash can. But before she could proceed, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase came out and offered her money to give away the 24/7 title to him. Obviously, she took the offer which recreated another famous moment when he purchased the WWF Championship from Andre the Giant in 1988.

However, Drake Maverick won the title back from DiBiase as he attacked him inside his Limousine. It started the usual 24/7 chase. The night ended with R-Truth taking back the title from Maverick with some help from Carmella and ran away with the title and Maverick’s wife in the limousine.

R-Truth has now become 10 times 24/7 Champion while Maverick himself has won the title for 4 times. Summary of championship changes for last night at RAW:

  • Drake Maverick defeated R-Truth
  • Patt Peterson defeated Drake Maverick
  • Gerald Briscoe defeated Patt Peterson
  • Kelly Kelly defeated Gerald Briscoe
  • Candice Michelle defeated Kelly Kelly
  • Madusa/Alundra Blayze defeated Candice Michelle
  • Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase buys out 24/7 Championship from Madusa/Alundra Blayze
  • Drake Maverick defeated Ted DiBiase
  • R-Truth defeated Drake Maverick