Dana White Responds to Demands Made by Jake Paul


It seems like there is no end to the back and forth between UFC President Dana White and Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul. 

Initially Dana White laid down a challenge that Paul can cocaine test him for the next 10 years if he can drug test him for the next two years. 

Jake Paul responded to this challenge by posting a tweet in which he mentioned three demands. Not only that but he also mentioned that if Dana White agreed to these demands then he would retire from boxing and join UFC under a 1-fight deal for a match against Jorge Masvidal. 

Now, Dana White responded to the demands made by Jake Paul by sharing a video on his Instagram handle. In the video, White stated that Paul never responded to the challenge. Not only that but White also criticized Paul’s advisor and former UFC CFO, Nakisa Bidarian, and even called him a scumbag. 

Dana White repeated his challenge to Paul and cleared that he still wanted the same thing. Jake Paul will be able to randomly cocaine test him for the next ten years only if he can randomly drug test Paul for the next two. 

Now, everyone’s waiting for Jake Paul to respond to this video of Dana White. 

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