UFC 272: Colby Covington Calls Out Dustin Poirier After Defeating Masvidal


Colby Covington Defeated Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-44, 50-45) in the main event of UFC 272

Colby Covington completely dominated this Welterweight bout. Masvidal tried to start things off with a jumping knee in the first round. Both the fighters traded kicks before the end of the first round. 

Before the beginning of the second round, the referee warned Covington for eye pokes. During the second round, he got a warning for a low blow as well. In the ending moments of the second round, Jorge connected a combo. 

This is the round where the fight turned in favor of Colby Covington. The latter managed to take down Jorge and absolutely dominated him with brutal punches and knees. 

In the fourth round, Masvidal dropped Colby with a massive punch. However, Covington bounced back and traded punches with him. 

Colby Covington became even more dominant during the fifth round as he spent most of the round on the back of Masvidal, and he keeps on punching him. Masvidal was completely exhausted and by the end, it was clear that Colby won this fight. 

After the match, Colby Covington called out Dustin Poirier for a fight. Covington already clarified that after a match with Masvidal, he would take care of another personal beef with Dustin. 

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