UFC 272: Covington vs Masvidal Live Results, Play by Play

UFC 272 Results
Credits – UFC

Welcome to the live results blog from UFC 272 with a grudge match between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal in the main event.

Both men are coming off losses to Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman and will be itching to get back to winning ways. Another title shot might not be in the horizon for both, it will be a matter of respect. Niether men has minced the words for their opponent and it will be interesting to see how former friends turned foes will approach the bout inside the ring.

Also on the card is the return of former Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anjos who was supposed to return to lightweight, but will now face a late replacement in Renato Moicano at 160 lbs catchweight. Sergey Spivak and Greg Hardy were supposed to clash at UFC 270, but the bout got delayed due to a finger injury to Hardy.

Kevin Holland vs Alex Oliveira in the Welterweight division and Bryce Mitchell vs Edson Barboza in the Featherweight division will complete the main card.

We will be here to bring you all the action from UFC 272 PPV with results, live play by play and round-by-round updates with winners and highlights.

Event Info

  • Date- March 5, 2022
  • Location- T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV, US
  • Early Prelims Start Time- 6 PM EST/3 PM PST
  • Prelims Start Time- 8 PM EST/5 PM PST
  • Main Card Start Time- 10 PM EST/7 PM PST
  • Buy PPV- Click Here


Early Prelims

  • Dustin Jacoby defeated Michal Oleksiejczuk via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) – 3 rounds Light Heavyweight Bout
  • Ludovit Klein defeated Devonte Smith via split decision (29-28,28-29.30-27)- 3 rounds Lightweight Bout
  • Tim Elliott defeated Tagir Ulanbekov via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) – 3 rounds Flyweight Bout
  • Umar Nurmagomedov defeated Brian Kelleher via submisson (real naked choke) of round 1, 3:15 – 3 rounds Bantamweight Bout


  • Maryna Moroz defeated Mariya Agapova via submission (arm triangle choke) of round 2, 3:27- 3 rounds Women’s Flyweight Bout
  • Nicolae Negumereanu defeated Kennedy Nzechukwu via split decision (29-27, 27-29, 29-27) – 3 rounds Light Heavyweight Bout
  • Marina Rodiguez defeated Yan Xiaonan via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) – 3 rounds Women’s Strawweight Bout
  • Jalin Turner defeated Jamie Mullarkey via TKO in 0:46 of round 2 – 3 rounds Lightweight Bout

Main Card

  • Sergey Spivak defeated Greg Hardy via TKO at 2:16 in round 1- 3 rounds Heavyweight Bout(play by play)
  • Kevin Holland defeated Alex Oliveira via TKO at 0:38 in round 2 – 3 rounds Welterweight Bout(play by play)
  • Bryce Mitchell defeated Edson Barboza via unanimous decision(30-25, 30-26, 30-27)- 3 rounds Featherweight Bout(play by play)
  • Rafael Dos Anjos dfeated Renato Moicano via unanimous decision(49-45, 49-44) – 5 rounds 160 lbs Catchweight Bout(play by play)
  • Colby Covington defeated Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision(49-46, 50-44, 50-45) – 5 rounds Welterweight Bout(play by play)

Live Play by Play Updates

The main card is live with the intro video package. Catch results from prelims and early prelims above.

Greg Hardy vs Sergey Spivak – Heavyweight Bout

Round 1: Hardy lands a pair of low kicks to start the bout. Spivac closes the distance between them. Hardy pushes him off but Spivac holds his ground and tosses Hardy with a hip toss. Spivac pushes him near the cage and stays on top. Hardy defends the attempt for an arm-triangle. Hardy gets up but Spivac stays locked on him. Spivac drags down Hardy once again. Spivac starts ground and pound, firing shots. Hardy is not able to do anything. The referee stops the bout.

Official Decision: Sergey Spivak won via TKO at 2:16 of in round 1.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is announced to go to UFC Hall of Fame in Class of 2022.

Kevin Holland vs Alex Oliveira – Welterweight Bout

Round 1: Oliviera nails low kicks. Both men swing but miss. Oliviera catches a kick from Holland and trips him. Holland is quick to get on his feet. Holland lands an inside kick. Holland lunging in a couple of times. Oliviera catches high kick but fails to capitalize. Charging costs Holland once again as Olivera brings him down. Holland defends a leg lock. Oliveira competes a clean takedown from the waist. Holland lands a big shot as they get back to their feet. Oliviera quickly recovers and fires back with hiis punches. Fight slows down once again. Holland lands sidekick to the body. Oliviera fires a shot at the body. Holland pins more calf kicks. Holland nails a couple of calf kicks. Oliviera takes him down, rolls him over for a rear naked choke. But the bell saves Holland.

Round 2: Oliviera with combination shots. Holland lands a big punch. Oliviera with a low kick before Holland lands another big punch to drop Oliviera to the mat. Holland rains down punches and gets a TKO.

Official Decision: Kevin Holland wins via TKO at 0:38 in round 2.

Bryce Mitchell vs Edson Barboza – Featherweight Bout

Round 1: Mitchell goes for a high kick to start. Both men moving around. A front kick from Mitchell. Barboza lands an inside kick. They move side to side. Barboza lands another kick to the calf. They trade more kicks to the body. Barboza lands a jab before they trade more kicks. Mitchell connects a big right to drop Barboza to the mat. Barboza tries to defend a takedown but Mitchell gets him on his back. He manages to keep Barboza on the back and tries to land punches to the ribs and face. Mitchell is in control for more than a minute now but could not land big punches. He keeps landing some shots. Barboza somehow gets back on the feet with 40 seconds left in the round. He lands a few good bodyshots. He hits a spinning heel kick. Mitchell avoids a jumping knee to end the round.

Round 2: Barboza lands more inside kicks. Mitchell takes down Barboza once again. Barboza wraps his leg around the Mitchell’s back. Mitchell keeps him on the back and keeps trying to land punches. Mitchell has more than 4 minutes of ground control in this fight now. He keeps landing some body shots. Barboza is cut open over his left eye. Mitchell lands an elbow. Barboza ges to his feet as Mitchell tries something. Mitchell gets him down again soon and is pounding on the face now. Mitchell pins him to the back again and lands more elbows. Mitchell keeps landing punches as the round 2 ends. Barboza should be 20-16 up on the scoresheet.

Round 3: Barboza lands a punch to start round 3. Mitchell gets tripped as he charges. Mitchell goes for a high kick but Barboza ducks. Mitchell once again takes down Barboza on his back. Mitchell once again in control and tries to get in a good position to land big shots. Barboza goes for an arm triangle but Mitchell picks him up and almost lands a powerbomb. Mitchell back in control. He keeps looking for shots. Barboza attempts a leg lock but Mitchell does not allow him. Mitchell lands punches to the head now as we are in the last minute. The bout ends with Barboza still on his back and Mitchell pinning him with punches. More than 11 minutes of ground control for Mitchell in this fight.

Official Decision: Bryce Mitchell won via unanimous decision(30-25, 30-26, 30-27).

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Renato Moicano – 160 lbs Catchweight Bout

Round 1: Moicano goes for a high kick to start. Moicano lands one on the ribs. He gets on his back but RDA was able to defend. They get into a clinch. RDA lands a kick on the ribs and then takedown Moicano on his hips. RDA lands a knee to the face. Moicano misses a punches as RDA ducks and completes a takedown quickly. RDA has Moicano on his back, but could not land anything for a minute. RDA lands one big shot on the face. Moicano tries to push him away but RDA keeps him pinned on the back and lands more big punches. RDA keeps hitting punches until the round ends.

Round 2: Moicano is very cautious to start this round. Anjos lands a left kick on the ribs. Moicano stops a knee and lands jabs. Moicano is already looking tired. He defends a takedown though. RDA lands a big left. He gets on the waistlock. Moicano defends the takedown. RDA gives up the takedown attempt, but lands some good jabs. Moicano tries a combination. RDA once again ducks and completes takedown. 2 minutes still left in the round. RDA tries to keep Moicano pinned to the mat. Anjos keeps Moicano on the ground and keeps nailing some punches until the round ends.

Round 3: Moicano starts with a jab again. RDA lands a left kick to the ribs. RDA tries an impressive uppercut but misses it. He avoids some jabs from Moicano and then successfully defends a takedown. Moicano lands a couple of uppercuts and a combo. RDA hits back with a knee. RDA connects a few jabs now. Moicano has his hands down as RDA lands a couple of punches. RDA hits high kick to the face which sends Moicano hobbling. RDA keeps landing shot after shot. But Moicano is not out. RDA has him pinned to his back on the mat. This fight should have been stopped at this point. Moicano wraps his legs around RDA. RDA gets on the half guard, lands a few shots. RDA ends the round on top.

The doctor is checking on Moicano. He passes the vision test.

Round 4: The round starts. Moicano comes out looking for jabs. He swings a big right. RDA truing to land jabs, but it is Moicano who lands his shots to the face. RDA once again completes a takedown and pins him on his back. No way back from this for Moicano. He has fought valiantly but has failed to come out of the RDA’s gaurd. RDA keeps him pinned to the mat and keeps landing shots.

Round 5: Not much action in the first minute. In the second minute, RDA lands a high kick and then complete another takedown. Moicano ues his left to push away RDA and gets to his feet. A few good shots from Moicano. RDA goes for another takedown but is unable to complete it this time. Final two minutes left. Moicano lands jabs and uppercuts, but does not seem to have any energy behind them. RDA also lands a few. Moicano looks like he will finish the fight standing. He lands a big shot, that RDA would be happy to take. More shots from Moicano. RDA lands a kick. Moicano now batters RDA with punches. A big uppercut connects. RDA hits a punch before the bell rings. Moicano is mad at the doctor who tries to wash off his blood.

Official Decision: Rafael Dos Anjos wins via unanimous decision(49-45, 49-44, 50-44).

Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal – Welterweight Bout

Round 1: Masvidal tries for early jumping knee. Both men cautious to engage. Masvidal hits an inside calf kick. Covington lands a punch and tries a takedown, but Masvidal is against the cage and defends it. Masvidal tries to hit with back elbow as Colby swings him around. Colby is on his back now. He lands a few shots as he tries to get complete control. Colby has Masvidal down but Masvidal refuses to get on his back. A big elbow from Colby as he gets up. Both reach out for a punch at the same time. They trade kicks before the round ends.

Before the start of round 2, the referee warns Colby against eye poke.

Round 2: Jorge blocks a head kick and Colby trips. Masvidal hits a low kick and it almost tripped Colby. More low kicks from Masvidal. More kicks to the body now and some punches follow. Masvidal lands several elbows in succession as Colby tries to take him down. A low blow from Colby forces a break. It was the most blatant of low blows. The fight resumes and Colby lands a jab. Masvidal lands his shots. They get in a clinch and Jorge lands an elbow and more shots as they come out of it. They trade a few shots. Colby slips as he goes for a sidekick. Jorge lands a couple of shots before Colby gets on his back. Masvidal avoids the damage though. Both men are now on their feet. Masvidal lands more kicks. Colby lands a good right. Masvidal connects a combo with 30 seconds lands. Jorge lands a knee to the body. Colby nails him with more punches as the round ends.

Round 3: Masvidal lands a high kick. Colby returns the favor quickly. Masvidal defends a takedown, but Colby lands shots. Colby charges with jabs and manages to takedown Masvidal on his back and in full control. He lands elbows to the face. Hard elbows. Masvidal has no answer other than trying to protect himself. Covington lands good body shots. Jorge tries to get up but Colby is able to keep him down. Masvidal gets up and Colby puts on a choke. Masvidal tries to turn around the takedown but Colby ends up on his back. They get up on their feet. Masvidal lands a couple of big punches to end the round.

Round 4: Masvidal connects a jab. He lands sidekicks. Colby lands one kick of his own. He goes for another takedown but Masvidal easily defends. He lands a left and a right and once again looks for a takedown. He has grabbed Masvidal’s leg and has to let it go when it does not go anywhere. Masvidal lands more shots and goes for another takedown attempt. Colby lands a big uppercut and once again tries a takedown. Jorge hits him with knees as they are in clinch. A knee from Colby gives him the chance to land a series of unprotected shots. Masvidal comes back an elbow and kicks. Masvidal connects big punches and almost drops Colby. Colby recovers and they trade shots at each other. They get into a clinch again. Masvidal goes for a spinning kick but misses.

Round 5: Colby lands lefts and rights and then completes a takedown. Masvidal gets to a sitting position and Colby gets to his back. Colby puts on a chinlock. Masvidal fights out of this position Colby is still on his back and hits at his knees. Colby is dominant and Jorge’s back. Despite Jorge’s good defense, this Colby’s fight. Colby rakes more and more small punches. Covington spends the rest of the round on Masvidal’s back and keeps punching him.

Official Decision: Colby Covington won by unanimous decision(49-46, 50-44, 50-45).

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