WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 26 August 2019

WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 26 August 2019 – Page 4

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeated the Heavy Machinery

Roode and Ziggler try to take a timeout from the referee but he calls for the bell. Tucker goes after them and brings Dolph back into the ring. Tucker hits a springboard crossbody from the corner for a two count. He tags Otis to hits a double team move. Tucker hits a senton from the apron before Roode low-bridges him out of the ring. Roode drives him into the barricade and the steel steps. Tucker slingshots Ziggler into the ring post to give himself some time.

Both men make the hot tag and Otis goes wild. He crushes Roode until Ziggler runs back in. Otis went on to take down both Ziggler and Roode in the corner before hitting the caterpillar on Ziggler. Roode rolls Otis up out of nowhere for two-count. Otis hits him with a popup slam to get another near fall. Tucker comes in for their finisher but Ziggler cuts him off with a superkick. Roode hits him with the Glorious DDT to get the final pin.

Sasha Banks defeated Natalya

They start brawling immediately and Natalya gets the upper hand initially. The fight spills out of the ring and Natalya slams Banks into the barricade before hitting a few suplexes on the floor. Back in the ring, Natalya prevents Sasha’s move and hits a release German suplex for a close two-count. Sasha pulls Natalya’s arm under the bottom rope and slams it into the ring post. She tosses Nattie into the timekeeper’s area and whips her into the ring post again.

Natalya avoids the double knee in the corner. Sasha avoids the Sharpshooter and hits the backstabber. She locks in the Bank Statement and uses Natalya’s injured arm to add more pressure to get the submission victory. Post-match, Sasha returns to the ring and starts assaulting Nattie for sometime before going back.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with AJ Styles. AJ says Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were screwed out of the RAW Tag Team Titles. He goes on about how he can beat Braun Strowman with no help in his corner. AJ says Braun intimidates everyone, except for him. AJ says Braun won’t get his hands on the United States Title, not tonight or any other night. He will give Braun just what he deserves after he beats him in the main event – nothing.

Cedric Alexander defeated Cesaro

They lock up and Cesaro back Cedric to the corner so he can hit a few uppercuts. Alexander answers with a few chest chops and hit signature headscissor takedown. He dropkicks Cesaro out of the ring but The Swiss Cyborg counters his suicide dive with a massive uppercut. Ced plants Cesaro with a facebuster and follows up with a dive over the top rope. Cesaro hits a gut wrench suplex. Alexander makes the quick comeback and takes Cesaro out. He splashes and hits Cesaro but fails to secure the pinfall.

Cesaro beating on Alexander and focusing on his left leg. Cedric hits a handspring into a kick but Cesaro grabs him and hits a Michinoku Driver for a close two count. Alexander’s leg prevents him from doing a springboard and Cesaro is able to take advantage of the situation with a kick to the leg. Cesaro hits a superplex for another near fall. He immediately transitions into a half crab submission. Ced pops up and hits a Spanish fly out of nowhere for a two count. Alexander gets another two count with a victory roll. Cesaro ducks a kick and applies the ankle lock. Cedric breaks free and hits the Lumbar Check for the pin.

Back from the break and we see how R-Truth won the WWE 24/7 Title from Elias at the Fox Founders Day event on Friday. Fox Sports analyst Rob Stone won the title from Truth in the Fox Studio but the day ended with Elias winning the title back from Stone.

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