WWE NXT April 19, 2022 Results & Live Updates(w/ Card & Preview)

Santos Escobar vs Carmelo Hayes nxt 19 april 2022
Credit: WWE

WWE NXT 2.0 episode of April 19, 2022, will mark the in-return of Natalya to NXT who put the entire women’s division on notice this past week. 

Natalya will face Paxley in a singles match on her return to NXT. Meanwhile, the forthcoming episode will also feature a rematch between Sarray and Tiffany Stratton. Former Champions Carmelo Hayes and Santos Escobar will also clash.

Read below to check all the details on the April 19, 2022 episode of NXT 2.0.

Event Info

  • Show – WWE NXT
  • Date – April 19, 2022
  • Location – Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL, US
  • Time – 8 PM EST

Match Card & Results

  • Tiffany Stratton defeated Sarray in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Grayson Waller defeated Sanga in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Legado Del Fantasma defeated Grizzled Young Veterans in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Santos Escobar in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Natalya defeated Tatum Paxley in a singles match via submission.
  • Xyon Quinn defeated Wes Lee in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Roxane Perez defeated Jacy Jayne in a signles match via pinfall.
  • Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)(c) defeated Dexter Lumis & Duke Hudson via pinfall to retain NXT Tag Team Championship.

Live Updates from WWE NXT April 19, 2022

The show starts with a recap of how Pretty Deadly won the NXT Tag Team championship last week. In between, a recap of Joe Gacy playing mind games with Bron Breakker.

Pretty Deadly come out and talk about how they have created history by winning the tag titles in their first attempt. Grizzled Young Veterans come out to interrupt them and bring up how they had any success in the UK is because GYV left. Legado del Fantasma come out and they want a title shot. They attacks GYV and Elektra Lopez says they want a title match too. Some referees run out to break things up.

Bron Breakker comes out while this commotion is ongoing. He calls out Joe Gacy to see exactly what he will sacrifice. Joe tells Breakker from the arena PA and says he is not a hard man to find and he has got what Bron wants, so just come and find him.

We get video of Santos Escobar telling Carmelo Hayes that he should be at the back of the line for a title shot at the NXT North American Championship. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams cut promo where he says he is not taking this statement. So, he will deal with Escobar tonight and then go for the title.

Sarray vs Tiffany Stratton

Sarray starts with quick attacks. She misses a dropkick on the ropes and Stratton capitalizes with stomps and a clothesline. Stratton puts on chin and shoulder lock. Sarray takes her to the corner and Stratton slams her into the corner and then hits a springboard knee dive. Sarray fires back with a chop and hits a dropkick. Sarray hits a German Suplex and a double stomp from the top. Stratton grabs Sarray’s leg but Sarray keep attacking her with kicks. Stratton hits a headbutt and then hits a moonsault from the top to get the pin.

Winner – Tiffany Stratton

Backstage, GYV were walking around when Bron Breakker just about walks through them as keeps looking for Joe Gacy. He hears a voice calling for him and he finds the cell where Gacy was holding his father. Breakker finds a tablet that was playing footage of his father being tortured. We go to break.

Pretty Deadly was roaming backstage and they run into Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirrotta. They want a title shot for Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson. Pretty Deadly say they will think about it.

Grayson Waller is interviewed backstage and he has dropped deadweight in Sanga. Sanga attacks him and Waller runs out to the ring. Waller hits a back elbow and asks for the match to start.

Sanga vs Grayson Waller

Waller takes a big shot at Sanga but he is unmoved. Sanga drops Waller and then tosses him around a few times. He then tosses Waller a few more times. Waller attacks Sanga’s knee. Sanga hits a shoulder tackle before unloading more. Waller with a big boot in the corner. Sanga cuts him off with a sidewalk slam. He hits an elbow drop and Waller grabs the ropes to break the pin.

Sanga hits a body slam and gets ready for the chokeslam. Waller avoids by getting to the floor. Sanga follows and catches his dive. Waller slams Sanga into the ringpost. He sends Sanga back in and himself rolls in to hit a stunner to get the pin.

Winner – Grayson Waller

We get a video package from Roxanne Perez talking about how playing WWE video games was her escape through a hard childhood and informing us that she makes her debut next week. She is interviewed backstage and gets interrupted by Toxic Attraction. Mandy Rose warns her to not set her bar too high, because she’ll never get there. The tag champs accuse her of having an attitude and they want to fight her tonight. Roxanne says she will figure something out and walks off.

Legado Del Fantasma vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Legado Del Fantasma attack GYV during their entrance. The bell rings and Legado double teams on Drake. Wilde deals with both opponents masterfully with his athleticism. Gibson cuts him off in the corner with boots. Drake comes in for double team He drops Wilde but Legado keep control. Drake gets the hot tag and knocks off Wilde with an enziguiri and knocks off Mendoza off the apron.

Wilde hits a boot on Gibson and then a facebuster. He tags in Mendoza who hits quick punches, a dropkick, headscissors to the corner on Drake. Gibson tags in before Mendoza drops Drake off the top. Wilde gets a blind tag and sends Gibson to the floor. Gibson gets hit with a suicide dive. Legado hit a dropkick and leg sweep combo on Drake to get the pin.

Winner – Legado Del Fantasma

After the match, Santos Escobar gets on the mic and tells Tony D’Angelo to watch closely how a real leader takes care of business.

Wes Lee is interviewed backstage, talking about how the last few weeks have been rough for him. Xyon Quinn rolls up and says something. Lee says nobody knows what he is saying and this isn’t the time to be saying it. Quinn says he will teach him a lesson. Wes says wrestling Xyon will settle some of the doubts he is having.

Fallon Henley attacks Elektra Lopez during the break.

Santos Escobar vs Carmelo Hayes

Escobar takes down Hayes and they come to a stalemate quickly. Hayes applies the front lock but Escobar pushes him to the ropes. Hayes takes a cheap shot at the jaw. Hayes pushes him with a tackle. Escobar hit a dropkick after running the ropes. A gamengiri and a springboard crossbody follows. Williams runs a distraction and Hayes hits a springboard crossbody. Hayes hits a neckbreaker to take us to the break.

A bit of back and forth as we return from a break. Escobar hits a clothesline and both men are down. Escobar hits an Urinage for a two-count. Hayes picks up his knees and then puts on a single leg crab. Escobar works himself to drag himself and catch the ropes. Escobar gets a two-count with a cradle. Hayes hits kicks at the face. Escobar hits a delayed vertical suplex after holding Hayes in the air for a long time. Both men are down.

They trade strikes while on their knees. More punches as they get on their feet. Escobar takes Hayes to the corner and hits an enziguiri. He unloads with punches until Hayes sweeps his leg. Escobar hits quick clotheslines and sends Hayes to the floor. Escobar hits tope con hilo. A pair of men, looking like Italian Mafia, come to the floor and one of them attacks his knee. The referee was distracted by Williams handing a chair to Hayes. Escobar is thrown in and Hayes hits a leg drop to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

Hayes takes the mic after the match and says in two weeks, he will win the North American Championship back. Cameron Grimes comes out and says Carmelo was not that confident last week about winning the title. Solo Sikoa attacks Williams and Carmelo from behind and drop them with Samoan Drops. Sikoa and Grimes face-off breifly before Sikoa leaves.

Backstage, Bron Breakker is still searching for Joe Gacy. He walks through a door into a room full of mirrors. He sees Gacy behind him in a mirror. He smashes the mirror and screams, “Where are you?”

Roderick Strong is working on punching bag backstage. He says he will start making examples of people who won’t agree with his vision.

Tatum Paxley vs Natalya

A lock-up to start and Natalya pushes Paxley to the ropes. Natalya pushes her to the mat next. A side headlock takeover follows. Paxley pulls her in a pin attempt. Natalya showboats and pusher her. Paxley with side headlock takedown and Natalya gives her props for that. Natalya smacks her with a punch. Counters and reversals follow and Natalya takes down Paxley by her arm. Arm wrenches follow.

Paxley jumps and rolls to hit an armdrag. She knocks off Natalya from the apron. Natalya plays chicken and lures Paxley out of the ring to catch her with a shot. She hits a snap suplex on the floor. Nattie slams her face into match as they return. She puts on the cloverleaf briefly. Paxley hits a back elbow, a clotheslines, another back elbow and a suplex. She gets a two-count with a standing moonsault. Natalya sends her into the turnbuckle and puts on the sharpshooter to get a quick submission.

Winner – Natalya

Tony D’Angelo is asked about interference in Santos Escobar’s match. He denies his involvement saying Escobar showed Don his respect last week. He is in front of a Chevrolet SUV and asks if this is Legado’s car.

Nathan Frazer gets another promo for his debut next week.

Backstage, Duke Hudson tries to talk strategy with Dexter Lumis, but he is not able to get his expressions. Indi snaps at him for not being able to communicate with Dexter. Hudson leaves in frustration.

Xyon Quinn vs Wes Lee

Lee hits a summersault kick to start. A dropkick sends Quinn to the floor and Lee hits him with a suicide dive. Quinn slams him to the apron and then drops him on the apron with a side suplex. Lee comes back with punches before Quinn nails him with forearms. Quinn unloads in the corner and follows with a big corner tackle. Quinn with a fireman’s carry and Lee counters with a cradle. Quinn sends him in the air and he lands on the mat face first. Lee hits a superkick, chop, punch, a kick to the knee and a kick to the face. He slips on the ropes and Quinn nails him with a big forearm. Quinn hits a flying elbow to get the pin.

Winner – Xyon Quinn

Natalya is backstage for an interview and asked about Cora Jade’s comment from a promo earlier tonight. She says she acted in self defense last week as every women from NXT goes up and finds her on the main roster. Nikkita Lyons interrupts saying that she is coming after her after she deals with Lash Legends next week.

The commetators tell us that Von Wagner is fined for undisclosed amount for his attack on Chase U students last week.

Jacy Jayne vs Roxanne Perez

Jayne hits Perez with a knee. She follows with some chops. Perez fires back with a chop of her own. They trade pin attempts a few times. Perez slides up from a pin but Jacy nails her. Perez hits armdrags before missing one. She kips up but Jacy sends her into the turnbuckle and then nails a superkick. Wendy Choo appears on the big screen and shows us that she is in their locker room, destroying it. Perez takes advantage of the distraction and hits Code Red to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Roxxane Perez

Legado Del Fantasma are backstage. Escobar is pissed that Wilde and Mendoza did not help him out against the Italians. They see their car being grounded and some fish on the windscreen.

Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) vs Dexter Lumis & Duke Hudson – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Lumis starts against Wilson but gets distracted by Prince. Pretty Deadly work in tandem to hit tackles and knee drops to keep Lumis under control. Lumis hits an inverted atomic drop on Prince. Prince tags out to Wilson and Lumis hits him also with inverted atomic drop. Hudson tags in and there is some miscommunication between Lumis and Hudson while they work on Wilson.

Pretty Deadly avoids their attacks until they go and stand up with Indi and Persia. Hudson and Lumis pulls them back to the ring and start beating them up. Lumis drops Prince with an armdrag. Hudson comes in for double team effort. Lumis gives Hudson a thumbs up after that. Hudson knocks off Prince with clotheslines and tackles before we cut to a break.

Lumis is in control against Prince as we return. He puts on a chinlock. Prince hits him with a jawbreaker. Lumis runs him over with a clothesline. Wilson pulls Prince out of the corner as Lumis charges in. Pretty Deadly start to work in tandem on Lumis. Prince locks on the shoulder. Lumis slams Prince into the corner and skips past Wilson to tag on Hudson. Hudson runs riot over the opponents with quick power moves.

Wilson runs a distraction and Prince knocks him off the top. Prince and Hudson clash in the middle of the ring. Wilson pulls Lumis out as Hudson was going for the tag. Lumis sends into the barricade. Lumis returns to the corner but gets knocked off by Prince. Hudson hits a powerslam on Prince for a near fall. Hudson knocks off Wilson but turns back into a running boot from Prince to get the pin.

Winner – Pretty Deadly

We cut to Joe Gacy on the top platform of the arena. Breakker comes out and comes to the top. Gacy tells him to take it easy. He says he will return the ring with one condition. He wants NXT title shot at NXT Spring Breakin’ in two weeks. Gacy hands the ring back to Breakker. Gacy says there is just one more thing left, that is Breakker has to take a leap of faith. Gacy pushes Breakker down to the floor. Breakker is down on the floor. Some hooded men swarm him.


Hayes vs Santos: Santos Escobar and Carmelo Hayes will face off to prove who is the more worthy athlete in NXT. This comes after Escobar scoffed at the idea of Hayes saying he has elevated the North American Championship. Who will prove to be more worthy champion material?

Natalya Turns Up on NXT: Natalya returned to NXT 2.0 in a dominant fashion, and now she would like to prove what she said the previous week by defeating Tatum Paxley in a singles match. Will Natalya make her in-ring return to NXT a successful one? 

Sarray vs Tiffany Stratton: Saaray must be determined to avenge her previous loss against Tiffany Stratton as she will face Stratton in a singles match again next week.

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