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Money in the Bank Winners List

Money in the Bank briefcase has been a revolutionary idea in WWE which brought a sort of uncertainty and surprise factor. The basic idea for the MITB briefcase is that the winner/holder has one year to cash in the briefcase for a World title match at the time of his choosing. MITB winner is determined by a special Money in the Bank ladder match involving six or more wrestlers.

The idea has become so popular that WWE has introduced a separate PPV for this match. Money in the Bank PPV has reportedly become the fourth-best WWE PPV in recent years by surpassing Survivor Series in popularity and gross revenue for WWE.

Here, we will cover the list of all Men and Women Money in the Bank briefcase winners, the date and event for winning the briefcase and cash-ins.

Men’s Winners

No.WinnerEvent & DateHeld ForCash In Date Event & DateCash in Against
1.EdgeWrestlemania 21 (April 3, 2005)280 DaysNew Year’s Revolution (8 January 2006)John Cena(WWE Championship)
2.Rob Van DamWrestleMania 22 (April 2, 2006)70 DaysECW One Night Stand(11 June 2006) John Cena(WWE Championship)
3.Mr. KennedyWrestleMania 23 (April 1, 2007)36 DaysLost Briefcase to Edge
4.EdgeRAW(May 7, 2007)4 DaysSmackDown(11 May 2007)Undertaker(World Heavyweight Championship)
5.CM PunkWrestleMania XXIV (March 30, 2008)92 DaysRAW(30 June 2008)Edge(World Heavyweight Champion)
6.CM PunkWrestleMania 25 (April 5, 2009)63 DaysExtreme Rules(7 June 2009)Jeff Hardy(World Heavyweight Championship)
7.Jack SwaggerWrestleMania XXVI (March 28, 2010)4 DaysSmackDown(2 April 2010)Chris Jericho(World Heavyweight Championship)
8.KaneMoney in the Bank (July 18, 2010)49 minutesMoney in the Bank (July 18, 2010)Rey Mysterio(World Heavyweight Championship)
9.The MizMoney in the Bank (July 18, 2010)127 DaysRAW(22 November 2010)Randy Orton(WWE Championship)
10.Daniel BryanMoney in the Bank (July 17, 2011)154 DaysTLC (18 December 2011)Big Show(World Heavyweight Championship)
11.Alberto Del RioMoney in the Bank (July 17, 2011)28 DaysSummerSlam(14 August 2011)CM Punk(WWE Championship)
12.Dolph ZigglerMoney in the Bank (July 15, 2012)267 DaysRAW(8 April 2013)Alberto Del Rio(World Heavyweight Championship)
13.John CenaMoney in the Bank (July 15, 2012)8 DaysRAW(23 July 2012)Failed Cash-in Against Big Show
14.Damien SandowMoney in the Bank (July 14, 2013)106 DaysRAW(28 October 2013)Failed Cash-in Against John Cena
15.Randy OrtonMoney in the Bank (July 14, 2013)35 DaysSummerSlam(18 August 2013)Daniel Bryan(WWE Championship)
16.Seth RollinsMoney in the Bank (June 29, 2014)273 DaysWrestleMania 31(29 March 2015)Brock Lesnar(WWE Championship)
17.SheamusMoney in the Bank (June 14, 2015)161 DaysSurvivor Series(22 November 2015)Roman Reigns(WWE Championship)
18.Dean AmbroseMoney in the Bank (June 19, 2016)57 minutesMoney in the Bank (June 19, 2016)Seth Rollins(WWE Championship)
19.Baron CorbinMoney in the Bank (June 18, 2017)58 DaysSmackDown(15 August 2017)Failed Cash-in Against Jinder Mahal
20.Braun StrowmanMoney in the Bank (June 17, 2018)70 DaysHell in a Cell(16 September 2018)Failed Cash-in Against Roman Reigns
21.Brock LesnarMoney in the Bank (May 19, 2019)56 DaysExtreme Rules(14 July 2019)Seth Rollins(Universal Championship)
22.OtisMoney in the Bank (May 10, 2020)193 Days
23.The MizHell in a Cell (October 25, 2020)119 DaysElimination Chamber(21 February 2021)Drew McIntyre(WWE Championship)
24.Big EMoney in the Bank
(18 July 2021)
57 DaysRAW (September 13. 2021)Bobby Lashley(WWE Championship)
25.TheoryMoney in the Bank
(2 July 2022)
128 DaysRAW (November 7, 2022)Failed Cash in Against Seth Rollins
26.Damian PriestMoney in the Bank
(1 July 2023)

Women’s Winners

No.WinnerEvent & DateHeld ForCash In Date & EventCash In Against
1.CarmellaMoney In The Bank
(June 18, 2017)
2 Days
2.CarmellaMoney in the Bank287 DaysSmackDown
(10 April 2018)
Charlotte Flair
(SmackDown Women’s Championship)
3.Alexa BlissMoney in the Bank (June 17, 2018)2 hours and 52 minutesMoney in the Bank (June 17, 2018)Nia Jax
(RAW Women’s Championship)
4.BayleyMoney in the Bank
(May 19, 2019)
1 hour and 25 minutesMoney in the Bank
(May 19, 2019)
Charlotte Flair
(SmackDown Women’s Championship)
5.AsukaMoney in the Bank
(May 10, 2020)
1 DayRAW
(11 May 2020)
Was Handed the
RAW Women’s Championship
by Becky Lynch
6.Nikki ASHMoney in the Bank
(18 July 2021)
1 DayRAW
(19 July 2021)
Charlotte Flair
(RAW Women’s Championship)
7.Liv MorganMoney in the Bank
(2 July 2022)
1 hour and 45 minutesMoney in the Bank(2 July 2022)Ronda Rousey(SmackDown Women’s Championship)
8.Iyo SkyMoney in the Bank
(1 July 2023)
36 DaySummerslam(August 5, 2023)-Bianca Belair(WWE Women’s Champion)

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  1. John Cena was not a failed cash-in against Big Show. John Cena announced he would use his MITB to beat CM Punk (who was champion at the time) and they faced off. Cena won the match by DQ when Big Show interferred. Then the Rock, who was set to face the winner of the title at the RR came in and took out Big Show only for CM Punk to take him out. So not only did Cena cash-in on CM Punk, he is the first to cash-in his MITB briefcase only to still win the match, but via DQ which meant he failed to win the title, but still won his match.

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