Viking Raiders Becomes RAW Tag Team Champions

Viking Raiders Becomes RAW Tag Team Champions
Viking Raiders Becomes RAW Tag Team Champions

The Viking Raiders have become the new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions after defeating Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler for the title at Monday Night RAW episode this week.

After months of build-up, The Viking Raiders were finally got the title shot after defeating the champions last week in a non-title match. This week’s match once started with the Raiders on the front foot. However, after Ivar had taken down Robert Roode with a crossbody, the champs double-teamed Erik to start a period of domination.

Roode and Ziggler kept the pressure on Erik for some time. Erik finally caught Ziggler with a forearm as Ziggler was taunting him. Ivar got the hot tag and ran down the opponents. Roode and Ziggler once again showed their teamwork to get back the control briefly. But it was Ivar who once again took down both the opponents and hit the Viking Experience on Ziggler to get the titles.

After the match, Erik and Ivar cut a promo backstage where they pointed out that they still remain undefeated and are the first tag team to win the IGWP, ROH, NXT and RAW tag team titles. They are next booked for the World Cup Tag Team Turmoil match at Crown Jewel 2019.

The Viking Raiders originally made their RAW debut in the RAW after mania episode while they were still the NXT Tag Team Champions. Since then, they were on the winning spree, demolishing teams one after the other. They were taken off WWE TV for a bit before returning around SummerSlam. As mentioned by the team itself, they still remain undefeated in the WWE main roster.

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