Ricochet Becomes United States Champion at Stomping Grounds

Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe to become the new WWE United States Championship at Stomping Grounds 2019

Ricochet stomping Grounds 2019
Ricochet Stomping Grounds 2019


Rey Mysterio defeated Samoa Joe at Money in the Bank but suffered a shoulder injury during the post-match beating from Joe. Mysterio handed back the title to Samoa Joe when he went off to recuperate from the injury. Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley, the Miz, Cesaro and Ricochet wanted to be the next challenger, so they faced off in a fatal 5-way elimination match. After Strowman was overpowered by the combination of other stars, Ricochet and Miz battled, only for Ricochet to win that match.

Match Description:

Samoa Joe applies the armbar and unloads on him until the referee calls the break. Ricochet breaks free and Joe hits him with a jab to the face to knock him back down. The One and Only ducks another punch and hits a few strikes of his own. He knocks Joe out of the ring with a dropkick and goes out after him. Joe dodges the basement slide but Ricochet keeps the offense going with forearms and punches until Joe trashes him into the apron. Back into the ring, Joe plants him with a rockbottom to get two-counts.

Ricochet again tries to come back with punches, only for Joe to hit him with an elbow. Joe hits another elbow in the corner and then a Pele kick to get another two-count when Ricochet again tries to string in some offense. Joe, now, locks the chin until Ricochet headbutts him. Samoa Joe hits a pop-up powerbomb to get a near-fall before he starts to work on his face.

Ricochet backflips off of Joe and hits two precision kicks to take him down. The challenger hits a few high-flying moves to knock Joe out of the ring. Joe goes to the outside thinking to escape, but Ricochet follows him with a Plancha. He hits a Missile Dropkick and then a Lionsault. He goes to the top rope and tries a 630 but Joe gets up. Joe hits Ricochet with a Powerslam for a near fall. Ricochet went for the Springboard Elbow, but Joe hits the German suplex and turns him inside out with a vicious lariat.

Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Ricochet gets in the ropes and drops Joe’s neck on the ropes. He goes to the top rope and tries the 630 but Joe moves. Ricochet hits the Codebreaker and hits the 630 Splash to get the pin.

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