Tag Team Match Announced for WWE Day 1 Kick-Off


WWE finally announced the very first kick-off bout for its upcoming PPV event WWE Day 1. Ricochet and Cesaro will face Sheamus and Ridge Holland in a tag-team match to kick off the new year. 

WWE has officially announced the former tag-team partners from The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro will be on different sides to kick off WWE Day 1. 

Ricochet will join Cesaro in his quest to beat the Celtic Warrior and his new heavy Ridge Holland on the very first day of 2022. 

The rivalry between Sheamus and Cesaro heated, even more, when Ridge Holland helped Sheamus eliminate Cesaro from the 12-man Gauntlet match. Later, during the same match, Cesaro helped Ricochet eliminate Sheamus. However, before leaving the ring, Sheamus brogue kicked Ricochet. 

Now, Ricochet and Cesaro will be up for their revenge against Sheamus and Ridge Holland this Saturday on January 1 at WWE Day 1. 

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